Axiom Anihilateair Pump

For 2013, Axiom has launched a completely redesigned floor pump lineup.  These new pumps were created using the feedback from experienced shop mechanics to get a reliable, efficient pump for both home and shop use.  The flagship model, Annihilateair G200A, makes use of an ultra-stable polished aluminum base with pedal pins for extra grip.  This is a welcome change as I feel like my current pump (an Axiom Kompressair from a couple years ago) is always falling over.  Plus, it just looks super cool.  Also at the bottom, is a very large and easily readable pressure gage.  Connected to that gage is an extra long hose, so you can air up the tires while the bike is in a repair stand.  Up top you get lock on (customizable) grips.  And the pump makes use of a high pressure barrel that is rated up to 200psi (but unofficially it is capable of pressures up to 260psi).  And to put all that air into the tires, Axiom has introduced a dual head with bleed valve, dubbed their Headrush DLX.  This fancy, yet functional, floor pump comes with an MSRP of $130.  If $130 is to rich for your blood, you can pick up the Kompressair G200A for $90, or the Kompressair G160 for $65.

Make the jump for panniers.

Axiom Modular Grandtour Series On A Bike

Axiom has been making panniers for years, and with that comes a lot of customer feedback.  They have put that feedback to good use and introduced their customizable touring bags in the newModular Grandtour Series.  These bags make good use of compression straps to attach different add on bags so you can get exactly the bag you need for your trip.

Axiom Modular Grandtour pannier Front
The 45L and the 30L are great for front use as well.

The main bag includes a large interior pocket with internal convenience pocket (for your phone, keys, etc.) and aluminum stabilizing bar.  It has a more streamlined shape that should cut down on a bit of wind resistance (can a pannier be aero?) and helps keep the load more centered.  The Grandtour series is constructed of 600D, ultrasonically welded, polyester that yields a super strong and waterproof bag.  Axiom also gets you started with a rear accessories bag that makes use of the Clip ‘N’ Strap system.  D-ring tie downs, light hook, and well thought out hardware round out the main bag.  The main bags come in a 60L, 45L, and 30L size range, and cost $230 / $215 / $200 respectably.

Axiom Grandtour Pannier Attachments

There are currently three modular bags from Axiom that take advantage of the Clip ‘N” Strap system.  The tent pocket is aptly named, as it is designed to hold your tent.  It mounts to the rear of the main pannier, fits most touring sized tents in the main compartment, has a side pocket and straps for the poles, and includes a light clip.  Retail is $50.  The toiletry kit mounts to the outside of the pannier.  It  uses a reversible, double sided design, and includes a hanger.  This is not only great for touring, it’s also great for those that shower when they get to work after a long commute.  Retail is $40.00.  And last, we have the hip pouch.  This eliminates the need to disturb that perfectly packed bag.  Keep commonly used items, like your cellphone, keys, and wallet in the hip pouch, and simply unclip it and wear it on your hip as needed.  Retail is $30.00.  At this time no other add-ons are planned, but if their is demand for something, Axiom will listen and produce.

Axiom Randonnee Panniers

Also new for this year are the Randonnee series panniers.  These are intended for both serious touring, as well as commuting.  They are constructed from the same 600D waterproof polyester as the Grandtour series, but do not include the Clip ‘N’ Strap system.  The Randonnee line uses a more aero shape, and comes in a 60L, 40L, and 20L size range.  MSPR is set at $210 / $170 / $135.




  1. What?! $100 for a pump? This is getting out of hand. Cycing’s expense that is. Remember when Silca’s track pump was the best ever, and it wasn’t even half as much as these ones.

  2. I think pedal pins on a pump is a rubbish idea. Generally I use my pump barefoot before putting on my shoes for a ride and I’m sure I’m not alone in this?

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