Kappius KH-2 bicycle hubs

Kappius, the brand that makes the cut-out carbon fiber shelled hubs with a minute 1.5° of engagement thanks to a 60-tooth ring and eight pawls in four pairs of phased engagement, has a new hub design that’ll work with standard, unaltered cassettes.

The original KH-1 requires alteration of the cassette to fit the massive bearing size of the drive side. It pushes a huge bearing really far out for better stiffness, but requires a big financial commitment to hack the cassette. The new KH-2 moves the oversized bearing inboard enough to make room for a standard 11-speed or XX1 free hub.

The KH-2 is getting going on Kickstarter, with early backers getting the rear hub for $450 in a limited edition color. Standard retail will be $499. You can also back the project for $950 and get the KH-1 with either a XX, XX1 or SRAM Red cassette included, even 11-speed if you don’t mind waiting a bit.

Kappius KH-2 bicycle hubs


The rear hub weighs in at about 320g, give or take about 15g depending on free hub choice.

Other KS backing options include complete wheels, skewers, front hubs and more.


  1. Oh good, another Kickstarter project… “When your idea isn’t good enough to get funded on your own, Kickstarter. F*ck you, R&D.”

  2. I think this is actually an awesome use of Kickstarter. It’s a proven company, unlike so many of the total unknowns that may or may not deliver anything- Kappius is a whole lot more reputable. Not to mention that for a literal one-man-shop doing almost everything, R&D is very expensive (time spent not making the KH1, materials and tooling for new parts,) so recouping some of those costs upfront is really smart. This is one of the first Kickstarters I might back.

  3. Have had the pleasure to race next to, and share an alma mater with both the Kappius’. This design is innovative, and solves real problems of modern freehub body designs. I’m pretty stoked!

  4. I second tinklepants said. All you non haters clearly have a vague concept of general business.

    Thus becoming a dolt by supporting kickstarter stuff. If you float working capital to a company, you should get equity, not a product. Or at least a claim on the business and a coupon payment.

  5. lol weight weenies ……..


    corporate stooges raging over procedure ahahahahaha


    look, these hubs are ok, not amazing but ok.

    theres no pixidust here, just some bearings on a rod.

  6. i would not pay over 90 us dollars for these hubs. i dont care what any other person on earth says, you simply do not need to pay anyone 400 for any hub ever bar none.

    unless its fully titanium and top of the line enduro ceramic bearings, there no way i would pay what they are asking.

    thats just theft.

  7. It might just be me but I would rather have 4 pawls on that ring at one time and suffer with a massive 3 degrees of engagement then have the thing break. Why is it so important to have near instant engagement?

  8. I’ve touched these hubs in-person (NAHBS) and they are (deleted). Freakishly light. I’ll afford them… some day.

    Though with all those pawls, I still wonder what the drag is like.
    +1 on the KH2 needing some sexy carbon to match the older brothers.

  9. I think he’s got something with the way he’s moving bearings, more so than the crazy engagement. I use 120 I9s and they are more than enough. Also lol @ the psycho haters who compare this to X9 hubs which are just rebadged formula junk.

  10. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with Kappius in his home a few years ago when all of this was still very much underground, unknown, and being made in his garage (albiet, a bad ass garage some machine shops would envy).

    These hubs are battle tested by some seriously strong riders…including Russ’s own son Brady who’s got some serious pedal power at a pro level. And others who can’t officially promote the hubs.

    Only barrier I’ve ever felt was the price and unique cassette. But with these new hubs, you’ll have a forever hub engineered by a real honest to god engineer who’s put some serious thought into it all. I for one am happy he’s working on a hubset I can justify.

  11. strictly speaking engagement points – why would i need 240 over 120 (I9) or 72 (king and hadley)? is there realllly that big of a performance gain?

  12. @ccolagio
    How often do you resume pedalling from coasting? How critical is it that power is delivered immediately? I could see this level of engagement being useful to trials riders. Road riders, not so much.

  13. I have the new I9 Torch 29er 32 hole wheelset, the engagement is addicting. I love them, I also have Hadley and DT Swiss hubs. What you pay for is the engagement !!! The best made most reliable hub with the best engagement in my opinion is Hadley. Also great price at 290.00 rear and 130.00 front, with the best customer service I have seen. Only one draw back getting the hubs when you need them.

    I think Kappius are on the right path, innovation and passion will make them succeed.

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