The Redshift Switch Aero System uses quick release aero bars to instantly transform your road bike into a TT or Triathlon machine. Of course, to really get in the right position, you’ll want their adjustable angle seatpost, too. We first posted the parts when they were on Kickstarter, and now they’re through production and ready to help you get fast. That original post is worth checking out for the videos and animated images showing the versatility of the system.

Basically, the aero bars mount to clamps that stay on your handlebars. They have a secondary catch to keep them from falling off if the QR lever is accidentally released, and they offer as much position adjustment as most any other system on the market…while actually being more affordable than most, too.

Tuck into detail pics below…


The spring-loaded “skewer” sits in the groove until you physically lift it up to slide the  bars off the mounts. It’s a simple safety mechanism that works.


When they’re not on your bike, there are only two small mounts left on the handlebar. They’ll come with spacers to raise the height of the elbow pads, and you can slide and rotate the extensions.


The seatpost goes from normal setback to forward TT position while you’re riding. It changes the effective seat angle about 3-4° by moving 50mm forward. Just stand up and pull it forward (or push it back to get back to normal). An adjustable cam in front lets you change the saddle angle when it pops forward by up to 5° of downward tilt. So, you can set it to stay flat when it comes forward, or have it tilt down to create more of a platform against your glutes. The saddle in the back shows the maximum amount of change in tilt.

Prices for both parts are $150 to $175 each, or get a combo pack for a bit of a discount ($TBD).


  1. Assuming that this seatpost works well and only switches positions when you want it, it could be very useful in xc mountain bikes for climbing.

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