velospring shock absorbing walnut wood bicycle handlebars

Velospring is a German company that makes these beautiful new Walnut bicycle grips with an ergonomic shape. They’re available in a standard version called “sen pur”, but the “sen comfort” are the really neat ones.

Those build in a rotationally sprung system that inserts into your handlebar that lets the palm pad flex under your weight when you hit a bump. The design mounts a leaf spring to one end of the insert and the other end to the grip, using the springs torsional resistance to provide the shock absorption.

Wanna see how it all comes together?

velospring shock absorbing walnut wood bicycle handlebars

Shown here are the various parts on the left, from the black cylinders to the small silver rings in the middle. Next to those is an assembled inner section, followed by a grip sliced in half to show the insides. The assembled inner piece is inserted into your handlebar and tightened to prevent rotation.

velospring shock absorbing walnut wood bicycle handlebars

The silver bit protruding from the end (on right, bottom) sticks out beyond your handlebar. The bolt then threads through the wood grip and into the silver piece. That silver piece is slotted onto one end of the leaf spring (top) and can rotate just slightly. The result is about 1/4″ of rotation at the trailing end of the grip, just enough to take the edge off. The design is so clever they even won a Eurobike Green award for it!


  1. Chucky on

    Hmmmm, so it seems nowadays its okay to produce products, as long as they cost a huge amount (£160 in this case). Funny how they don’t say how much it actually costs on here.

    Anyone actually going to buy this btw? Haha

  2. Kovas on

    Any word if they will offer these as grips-only (sans the whole “suspension” thing)? I’d be first in line for these woody ergons…

  3. JanBoom on

    A bit over the top, but what the hell someone has put lots of thought and effort into a unique product.
    Agree with Kovas, I’d also love a pair of walnut ergons 🙂

  4. ACE on

    I use ergon type grips and i wear them out on tours so I have a couple of questions;when they wear down are splinters an issue and also I see the grain of the wood is lengthwise,do they break easily?

  5. JSL on

    I have to agree with ACE. Don’t get me wrong, I would but it just for the looks since visually it looks great but with all the components i have to wonder whats the level of usage of one of these and how does it hold up against the weather.

  6. IB on

    I use this sen grips since 4 years. My bike was very often outside. There are no problems with splinters at all, but the wood gets grey after awhile without use. Due to normal usage (30min/week) the old color comes back at the contact area.


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