New Builder Matter Cycles has been around for only about a year, making steel frames in Boulder, Colorado. With interesting bike names like BeneFat, WolfBeard and SlayRide, owner Collin Schaafsma believes that riding a bike is a creative venture.

Blending a mix of aircraft grade 4130, True Temper and Columbus cromoly steels in his 400 square foot shop, Schaafsma reminds his customers that when you order one of his bikes, it doesn’t exist yet. He spends time creating a connection and getting to know you, but since he is small, the lead time is pretty short. There are Matter Cycles of all riding styles, jump past the break to see.

Matter-Cycles-GhostCat-Top-Front-Side_1024x1024GhostCat is a single speed, belt drive, all mountain style hardtail that is designed for a 29″ front wheel and a 27.5″ rear wheel. All Matter bikes use Paragon Machine Works dropouts, and the GhostCat uses the Rocker for keeping belt tension.

Matter-Cycles-Benefat-Front-Side-2_1024x1024BeneFat is the Rockshox Bluto compatible fat bike that also clears the largest 26×5″ fat tires, yet has an impossibly short 420mm chainstay length. Impressive, because its not just the shortest we have seen on a fat bike, it is considerable shorter since most fat bikes are 440-460mm long.

Matter-Cycles-CogFight-Steel-Road-Bike-4_1024x1024CogFight is an awesome play on words that combines an ENVE Carbon fiber fork, disc brakes, internal Di2 routing and True Temper S3 steel.

Matter-Cycles-UrbanAssault-Belt_1024x1024UrbanAssault features belt drive and internal gearing, but most impressive is that Matter builds their own steel fork with a 15mm through-axle. Using the split Paragon Poly Drop to fit the belt drive, the UrbanAssault has an eccentric BB to allow for tensioning.

All bikes are hand made in Boulder, and prices start around $2,000.


  1. I’m glad to see another small builder on the front range.

    I’m just impressed that it is still legal to build and sell mountain bikes in Boulder.

  2. @topmounter. Lol. It is within the law to build and sell mountain bikes in Boulder. However, it is illegal to ride them. Zing!

    All kidding aside, those are sweet looking frames.

  3. As a Frint Range frame builder myself, I can assure you that while the photos might look good, they do not do Collin’s work justice. A perfect mixture of form, function and a sweet spot for creative engineering. Some brands focus on gimmicks, artistry or flamboyant pain jobs. Matter builds no nonsense bikes that look like they are meant to be ridden.

  4. I couldn’t resist, Boulder & Mountain Biking is such low-hanging fruit 🙂 Fortunately for Boulderites things are far better now than when I “lived” there as the surrounding areas develop trails.

  5. Zero riding IN Boulder… outside of Boulder, on the other hand… Those frames look amazing, BTW. The SlayRide looks to be the perfect HT for aggressive high country stuff (thinking specifically of South St. Vrain…)

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