Need some new pants, but want something that is going to work on the bike? Cadence Denim was one of the first brands to offer cycling specific denim jeans when the brand was started by Dustin Klein in 2003. As a designer, artist, and most importantly an ex-messenger, Klein knew exactly what he wanted from a pair of jeans – namely something that would hold up. Not much has changed when it comes to the iconic jeans, but they did just release this video capturing the story behind the threads.

Made in Los Angeles out of raw denim, the original Cadence Raw Cycling Jeans use a Kabio stitch inseam, include 2% stretch for a bit of give when riding, a reinforced seat, and a tapered cuff so you don’t have to roll up your pant leg if you don’t want to. Other details include reflective accents, custom hardware, and double back pockets for carrying your U Lock all for $110. The Raw Denim jeans have been joined by what is now a large catalog of soft goods, riding kits, and accessories (including a few collaborations with brands like Ritchey).

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  1. Do they make these to fit a 23″ thigh circumference? I’ve tried several designs of bike jeans and my smaller than Andre Greipel but bigger than Jose Rujano thighs are usually a deal breaker. The exception was the Zoic zip off pants where the knees were too tight.

  2. Slow Joe Crow. I agree with you on the thigh circumference. I tried the Giro pants and the Levi commuter jeans and they both fit like extra skinny jeans, which is not good for riding the bike. And my legs are big, but not that big. I am 165pounds, 6’1″ with a 31 inch waist.

  3. My #1 gripe since I bought a pair a couple years ago is that they only come in 1 inseam. If they offered longer inseams (34/36+) (or at least something long you could get tailored), then these would probably be the only jeans I would buy.

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