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Recently there have been a number of virtual training programs introduced that aim to make spending hours on a trainer more bearable. Why? Because riding indoors is terrible. Having something to bridge the gap between mind numbing suffering and engaged fun could be the secret to making those trainer sessions actually fun, or at least tolerable.

Perhaps the biggest recent product introduction came in the form of Zwift, a program that makes training into an online video game where you race your friends. How do you one up what appears to be the perfect blend of training and gaming? Two words: virtual reality.

With the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show kicking off in to full speed tomorrow, Samsung and CycleOps are announcing their foray into virtual training. Together, the Samsung Gear VR and CycleOps VirtualTraining program will let users train in stereoscopic realism….

While you are probably familiar with the Oculus Rift (and their VR induced freakouts), the VR headset is Samsung’s version with Oculus technology built in. Inside you’ll find a 5.7″ quad HD Super AMOLED screen that offers a 96 degree field of view with a built in accelerator, gyrometer, and other tech that allows it to sense where you are looking and make the program react.

On the cycling side, CycleOps VirtualTraining has teamed up with Samsung to create a version of their 3D training program that is compatible with the VR experience provided by the Gear VR. To be first shown to the public at Samsung’s CES booth, riders will be able to cruise through natural setting like Prague, without going to visit our own Cory Benson. Using a bike, a trainer, and either a speed sensor, cycling powermeter, or a controlled resistance trainer along with the Gear VR headset will allow users to ride thousands of pre-installed routes or create their own with a GPS and a GoPro. Combine that with the ability to set your own training program or race friends in other locations, and you have a very interesting development in the world of basement based training.

Compatible with PC, iPad, Android tablets and smart phones, wireless connections are made with ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart.





  1. This is one of those examples of where an idea sounds great on paper, but doesn’t work in reality. You sweat a lot on indoor trainers. Strapping a heavy/hot VR headset on while riding is going to create a salty/sweaty mess.

  2. Zwift is actually great motivation because the person passing you is a real human, not because you forget that it isn’t real cycling.

    This might make a better “game”, but like Nightfend said, trainers are not where one sits while “gaming,” rather something used for training.

  3. I like it because it’s effective to ride virtually in places that you might not be able to get to go to. Cost and time prohibit me from riding around the world. It would blow my mind to fell like I can. Ill be one to get on board and buy one.

  4. Shut up and take my money !!
    I’d say this is more for just casual rides, where u don’t sweat. definitely not usable for “workout” also there are much better devices to simulate road conditions and plenty of apps that have real video recorded which perfectly matches your speed and power.

  5. @nightfend, agreed if anyone has ever worn over the ear headphones while training they would understand. Also, the people may have balance issues and get harmed.

  6. As an Oculus Rift owner I’ve got to say that this sounds great, but will fog up/fill with sweat/probably give you a rash in reality.

  7. Interesting concept but I can’t imagine this being any better than just looking at a big TV. Typically on the bike you are looking straight ahead or close to it anyway.

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