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The scary truth is for a lot of commuters, the question when it comes to vehicle collisions isn’t ‘if’, but ‘when’. Thankfully some entrepreneurial urban cyclists take inspiration from their close calls and set out to create products that will help keep themselves and other riders safe. After a near-hit from a driver who came from the side (and apparently didn’t notice his front or rear facing lights), Chris Flynn started working on the concept of the Nori Lights.

Flynn has been refining the Nori Lights for four years, and has optimized his design into a highly visible light system that achieves a considerable run time using coin-cell batteries. We’ve seen other wheel mounted lights before like the Revolights, which offer features like turn signals and smartphone connectivity. The Nori Lights don’t offer much more than on/off/strobe, but they’re very simple in operation and should make you pretty easy to spot on the roads…

Nori Lights aqua blue kit on bike

The Nori Light system is comprised of two components- reactive strips that adhere to your rims, and UV activating pods that illuminate them from either side. The complete kit comes with 30’ of rim strip material and four pods to provide light from each side of your fork and chain or seat stays.

The UV pods easily attach to your frame and fork legs with their built in silicone straps. The easy on/off design makes them quick to remove so they don’t get ripped off by thieves, and convenient to swap between multiple bikes set up with Nori’s rim strips.

Nori Lights UV pods

The Nori Lights’ UV activating pods have been fine tuned to emit a narrow range of UV wavelengths that react highly with the rim strip material. The company claims the strips shine bright enough to cast an aura of light on the road around you. The pods offer three lighting modes- On (constant), plus slow and fast tracers (strobe).

Each pod contains two coin cell batteries that provide 60-80 hours of run time, and are compatible with rechargeable batteries (non-rechargeables are included). The pods feature water resistant silicone bodies with easy access on/off switches.

Nori Lights, UV pod on bike Nori Lights, UV pod lit up

While the Nori Lights would be easiest to install on bikes with disc brakes, coaster brakes or no brakes (eg. BMXers), they can be used on bikes with rim brakes- provided you have 1/4” of space on the sidewall that is not contacted by the brake pad. Nori claims most bikes with rim brakes would be compatible, but I’d be sure to check if your rims have enough space to accommodate a brake pad and a Nori strip. The company suggests swapping to narrower brake pads if your rims have shorter sidewalls.

Nori Lights, stripe material

The Nori Light kits are available online for $99 USD in Aqua Blue, or $79.99 in Electric Green. The kits include everything you need to get rolling, and are covered under warranty for one year. Additional rim strips are available separately for setting up multiple bikes.


  1. Kernel Flickitov on

    The absurdity about this is that it’s a blatant attempt at a cash grab. I know the COGS on this product and with retail at $80-$90 you’re paying about a 1000% markup. Fair? Thought not.

  2. Mr. Subjective on

    @Kernel: I’m sure you factored into this the amortization of all the costs to bring this to market too. If it’s too much for you, then just don’t buy it.

  3. Jon B on

    Most products you buy have at least a 100% markup- many far more. NRE, tooling, quality control, shipping, storage, packaging, distribution, etc. All cost money.

  4. Nori Lights on

    Awesome! We are honored to see the Nori Lights featured on Bike Rumor! To celebrate and to give back to the community of one of our favorite sites, I’ve made a special promo code for the Bike Rumor users. Simply enter the cryptic code BIKERUMOR into the discount code box during check out and 20% will be taken off of your order!

  5. Nori Lights on

    @Kernel @Dsand If the Nori Lights were just some glow tape and a light, I wouldn’t have much of a business or a product. I’ve invested an incredible amount of time and resources into material testing and redesigns over the past 4 years. We’ve developed each component of the Nori Lights to work symbiotically with each other. Our glow stripes have been specifically formulated to instantly charge and reach peak illumination instantly. And our activating LED pods emit a very narrow spectrum range of UV light, targeted specifically at the “peak excitation wavelength” that our glow stripes are most reactive to. This means less UV light is wasted, which in turn means less power is required for the Nori Lights to maintain optimal performance.

    Here’s another peek behind the scenes: I named this product and my business after my grandfather, Nori. He was the hardest working, most honest man I’ve ever known. And if I’m going to put his name on something, I’m going to do everything within my power to make it the best it can be. One of the things that I’m most proud of with this product is that it exceeds our customers expectations. I don’t know of many other products that do that. But don’t take my word for it, I’d really like to hear your opinion after having seen the Nori Lights in person with your own eyes. I invite you to order a set of Nori Lights and use the special discount code IWORKFORFREE to save 30% off of your order. That code expires on Christmas Day, so don’t wait too long. All I ask is that you have an open mind, and please enjoy your Nori Lights.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through our website. My direct cell phone number is also listed on every page of our site. Feel free to use it.

    Again, thank you for posting this, and thanks to everyone that posted a supportive comment. Happy Holidays.

  6. xc-fr on

    i like it 🙂 it’s a huge plus in safety.
    i would buy it if:
    is it possible to create the strip in black, that it will be nearly not visible on black (aluminium or carbon) rims during the day?
    is the strip resistant against winter conditions in Europe with mud and de-icing salt & against high-pressure cleaner?
    how much for replacement stripes?
    thanks 🙂


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