Wahoo’s ELEMNT GPS cycling computer continues its rapid update process, this time improving it’s mapping screens and options. In March, they added blood oxygen sensor compatibility and electronic drivetrain gearing displays, and now they’ve added these updates:

  • Fit on the Fly – Faster, more reliable ride data transfer and syncing to the app/cloud
  • Map Management – Adds complete world maps to the ELEMNT’s built-in memory
  • Map Rotation – Allows you to orient the map according to the direction you’re riding as well as the current North-facing setting, using the smartphone companion app to toggle between views
  • Map Style Improvements – Trails and small local roads remain visible on the screen for an additional two zoom levels
  • Improved Tracking – More data points to improve the accuracy of ‘bread-crumb’ navigation

The updates are available now by connecting the ELEMNT to your wifi network and running through the setup menu to System Info and checking the box to get the latest update.


  1. Is there a difference in size of the Wahoo’s mounting tabs that prevents simply rotating the Garmin mount plastic insert for 90-degrees, in order to be work with the Wahoo?

    • You can force it into a Garmin mount and it will turn, or you can take a garmin mount and a file and file a small edge and it will slide right in. Their is a Youtube video out there on it.

    • They actually did have the inserts on their website for a bit, I saw them. Then they pulled them and are only offering full mounts with the Wahoo insert. Their reasoning according to DCRainmaker is that people might put them into old, “worn” mounts. Total BS, but probably not going to convince K-edge to change back. I know if I end up getting an Elemnt i’m not giving K-Edge any more money.

      I’m willing to bet if it hasn’t already happened, someone has created a 3d printable insert you could have made by a 3d party printer for just a few bucks.

  2. I love my ELEMNT. They keep updating it on a monthly basis and I am excited to see where they are taking it. Mine is rock solid– so the updates just keep adding features. For those complaining about the proprietary mount– it’s a licensing thing. If you don’t like it, just keep your Garmin. Garmins are very nice units too. If you have a chance, definitely check an ELEMNT out.

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