photo c. à Bloc

Beer…  Bikes… Buds… Other than starting with the same letter, to many, they relate to one-another. I’m not unfamiliar with lone ranger rides, but I prefer to ride with friends. After riding, I enjoy a cold beer to relax and “recover”. à Bloc is focusing on the connection between bikes, beer, and buds with their Bicycle Beer and they hope to become a go to for suds seeking riders. They’ve partnered up with a handful of breweries striving to take their beer around the world…

à Bloc has big plans for the future, aside from opening a Café & Workshop and offering team kits. They hope to make their Bicycling Beer available around the world. They’ve designed their beer around all things cycling and as an unfiltered blonde ale, it’s naturally rich in proteins and B vitamins, though they add “alpine minerals” to aid in recovery. à Bloc started the move in the UK where they launched their product this past fall during the Rouleur Classic. They’ve partnered with brewers in Australia to have their beer made locally so it’s fresh. The Bicycling Beer is being funded on Symbid, and they have a goal to reach €250,000 by the end of January.


  1. Unless this product is directly benefiting some cycling cause is there a reason why I can’t just enjoy my local craft beer instead?

  2. How to sell beer to MTB braah crowd:
    – Insert as many wet hops as possible into vat; doesn’t matter which kind
    – Max out fermentation temperature; you want the final product to have as much “hot” alcohol as possible (as much past 80ºF as possible)
    – Important: Give it as witty of a name as possible; references to weed or private parts are preferred, although any puns on “bud”, “hops”, or “IPA” are optimal
    – Whatever the IBU rating is, add 50 to what’s printed on bottle
    – Enjoy the brisk sales!

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