Built for endurance pro Sonya Looney, the new Lake Cycling MX241 Endurance mountain bike shoe allows complete customization of fit with a dual BOA closure pulling extra long reels of cord. The upper is segmented, letting it open wide to accommodate even the widest of feet (they’ll also offer a wide version), but also close in to secure narrow feet, too.

Watch the video for full details, and check out our followup coverage here. (NOTE: if you’re watching on mobile and can’t see the video, turn your phone to landscape, or just click here to view on YouTube Photo at top courtesy Lake Cycling.)



    • You got a whole year out of yours? I had a pair of oven bake Lakes that literally fell apart after two rides. The tread pealed off and the carbon sole cracked on, not one, but both shoes. Seriously after two rides. Never had a problem Sidi, Never. Customer service is non existent and when I finally reached someone I was made to feel at fault. Looked it up and found I wasn’t the inly one with that problem with that, TOP END, shoe. Shame on you Lake.

      • I’ve had similar issue but the Customer Service through Lake has been EXCEPTIONALLY amazing. Warrantied the shoe without question, both times.

  1. I’ve always found Lake shoes to fit me quite well and have owned many pairs over the last 20 years or so. Some have had terrible durability (some heat moldable race MTB ones I bought once had the tread almost fall off…) but then others like my current road shoes with super-comfy kangaroo leather have lasted about 10 years. My current Lake MTB shoes with BOA are very comfortable and I’ve used them a lot over the last 2 years and they are quite worn out now but if I can wear MTB shoes a lot and get 2 years then I’m happy. I will be hunting for these new Lakes as my next shoes.

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