Ibis has been maintaining top team status in this year’s EWS series above unpainted prototype bikes until now. This weekend’s Emerald Enduro race at Carrick Mountain in Wicklow Ireland saw them racing up and down the hills on a painted bike that’ll hopefully match a production option.

Full details will be released tomorrow (Tuesday, May 30), until then we’re looking at it versus the Mojo HD 3 shown below and can make a few guesses. Forward shock mount is lower, all cables appear to be internal, and the head angle seems slacker. Read on, and compare for yourself…


photos c. Ibis Cycles

More details coming tomorrow. Stay tuned…

Here come the deets…



  1. personally, i found these to be “not that good” for the price compared to bigger brands like specialized or santacruz, once on the actual bike. hope this one ups the bar!

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