The challenge with longer travel dropper posts is that the shaft typically needs to be longer, too. Which means your seat tube needs to be straighter for longer. The new e*Thirteen TRS+ 170mm dropper seatpost manages to increase travel while shortening the body, helping you eke out bigger drops on more frames.

The new 170mm travel option is their first with the new, shorter set of internals and remote connector. The lower body on this model is 8mm shorter than the 150mm dropper post, despite the longer travel. They did this by revising the bushing layout and shortening (and simplifying) the connection point on the bottom.

It keeps the fully mechanical rebuildable design and uses a simple ball and spring with a cam mechanism to catch and release the stanchion.

2018 e-thirteen trs plus 170mm dropper seatpost travel comparison

e*Thirteen is of the pre-defined travel increments camp, offering fixed positions at 170-150-120-0 millimeter settings. That’s a bit shorter initial drop than the 150mm post, which puts you in a good climbing position on aggressive technical trails.

2018 e-thirteen trs plus long travel dropper seatpost with 170mm travel

It uses an easy-to-adjust two-bolt clamp system for the saddle, and a under-mounted thumb shifter remote lever that fits where your old front derailleur shifter was.

2018 e-thirteen trs plus 170mm dropper seatpost actual weight

Retail is a very reasonable $270-$280 for post and lever, or get the lever on its own for $70 to use with most other brand dropper posts.


  1. lol 170mm for someone 6’6″. I know bike rumor or someone else did a dropper guide basically about height vs dropper drop. But dropper size guidelines need to go mainstream. I’m 5’7″ my saddle height is 70cm or 27.5ish inches. The most drop I can even put in most medium bikes is a 125 and it’s basically bottomed out. Then I can not even fathom needing more than 100mm of drop. I’ve had droppers on my bike, I no longer even have a dropper, I see 0 benefit for 99.9% of my riding. Yes there are rare times were I was like oh I wish I had a dropper but really it’s still no big deal.

    Dropper travel is out of control. Yes there are wicked tall people that would love a 170-180mm drop post, but people just wanting more drop is crazy. What I really do want to see though is a dropper that can drop while I’m NOT on the saddle. Every time I’d want to drop the post I’m already off the saddle and needing to sit to drop it negates the advantage of having it.

    • I also don’t get suspension, hydraulic brakes and freewheels. Why do you need a bike that can coast without pedaling at the same time? I’m already pedaling 99.9%. What’s next, tires that don’t use inner tubes? lol

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