Italian frame maker Officina Battaglin has unveiled a disc brake version of their most popular modern steel road bike frameset. The new Power+ Disc combines all the characteristics of their oversized Columbus Spirit frame, now with flat mount discs and thru-axles.

Battaglin Power+ Disc, modern Italian steel road frame

The small production frame shop of 1981 Giro-Vuelta double winner Giovanni Battaglin is best known for their steel bikes. And the Power+ has been their most popular, as an all around performance road bike. So it makes sense that this would be their first road bike to get the disc brake treatment. Battaglin himself said that “many customers were already asking for a disc version of the Power+, but we wanted it to be a little different and have its own identity.” So the new bike gets its own mostly blue color scheme of the same Power+ modern replica design, based on his brand’s Refin Pro Team design from the 1990s.

The new Power+ Disc frame combines traditional fillet-brazed steel construction with the performance benefits of the dramatically oversized & shaped, triple-butted Columbus HSS Spirit tubeset.

And of course throw in the new flat mount disc brake tabs brazed into the non-driveside chainstay, plus a new set of hooded 12mm thru-axle dropouts.

The frames feature a tapered headtube with integrated headset, a threaded BSA bottom bracket, traditional downtube mechanical shift routing, and rear brake routing that is internal along the downtube then external along the chainstay. The framesets include a painted to match full carbon monocoque fork (apparently not from a Columbus Futura Gravel which will clear 40mm tires and can be fit with a fender) also with a 12mm axle and flat mount brake.

Claimed frames weigh in under 2kg, and Battaglin says their bikes are routinely built up with light carbon wheels & components under 7.5kg.

The bikes are said to get slightly longer chainstays to accommodate bigger tires as road disc bikes have settled around at least 28-30mm for a performance and comfort balance. Sizing charts from Battaglin still list the chainstay length unchanged at 410mm. But the geometry table does show a whopping eighteen size range in one centimeter seattube increments from 47-64cm.

The new Power+ Disc frame is handmade to order at Battaglin’s Italian factory. The Grand Tour winner takes oversees the sizing process of every frame they build, offering insight and advice to ensure that every buyer gets on a bike for to their body and riding style. If you are in North America, you can even get the bike hand delivered thanks to the mobile shops of Velofix. Check the Battaglin stores & mobile shops page for your closest dealer. Retail pricing for the frameset is $3340/2690€ including frame, fork, headset, seat clamp, and both thru-axles.


  1. JBikes on

    How’s the ride quality on these modern large diameter steel bikes?
    I feel like the HT diameter is really being driven by aesthetics to match CF forks. Given there is a minimal feasible wall thickness with steel, are they overly stiff/harsh at these sizes are are they able to accommodate it elsewhere? I ask this having not ridden a modern steel frame so just looking for actual experiences.

    Personally, I’d take something like DiNucci’s recent NAHBS’ show bike, but I realize that’s a whole different price point so would probably lean towards something like a Road Logic.

    • Robo on

      I’ve wondered the same and hope that someone chimes in on the ride quality of modern steel with oversized tubing AND the additional stability that an oversized steerer tube and TAs provide.

      But I’m not with you on the Road Logic concept. I’m a huge Ritchey fan and keep waiting (hoping?) for him to come out with a steel frame with TAs AND flat mount disc brakes. His newest bike, The Outback, for example, is still post-mount. I understand he’s a throwback, but I think he could make a classically inspired frame with modern touches. And he’d sell a bunch of them. But until then, I’m weighing alternatives like this – a brand I’m completely unfamiliar with.

    • Eric on

      From experience on a few bikes with similar tubing, the main triangle still feels like steel. A bit of flex and the springiness or snap you’d expect. A real pleasure to ride on rolling hills. Perhaps a bit more lateral flex at the bottom bracket than a stiff carbon frame. There are a bunch of different stays builders can choose from and they really affect stiffness.

      The headtube and fork, though, impart quite a bit of the sense of stiffness, and this varies by steerer diameter, etc. I have one Columbus frame that feels overly stiff (I believe) because of the headtube/fork. Large bumps in the road can really yank the bars in my hands. Of course, the same frame descends at speed beautifully because the steering is so stiff and precise.

      The work coming out of Battaglin always looks great.

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      Haha I have the same reaction granted every time I see a frameset at a shop with a huge uncut steerer all I can think of is “nice dengfu”.

  2. Mike on

    Ride quality is still generally smooth but with added stiffness throughout. It’s really a preference and also a matter of headtube height and rider weight/power. I’m 6’1” / 160 lbs but ride y’all bikes and would go modern OS steel over a skinny lugged bike, any day. Smaller riders or those looking for comfort in spades might disagree.

    • Cory Benson on

      Indeed @Junior is correct. The new 2018 Futura Gravel does give this bike clearance for some big, up to 40mm wide tires!

  3. alain smithee on

    I’m sure that others here feel the same way that I do about these bikes. We need to come into money so that we can buy better toys!

  4. badbikemechanicx on

    This thing is sick. Glad Bat is embracing the modern look. In order to follow him on instagram he needs to approve you.

  5. Jan on

    I own a Power+ with Rim brakes. Its the most wonderful ride you can imagine – and very fast. I didn’t even notice how fast I was going on my usual workout. The steel frame is springy, and the bike is very easy to handle. I just can recommend!


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