Since taking on the ee brand, Cane Creek has issued several limited edition eeBrakes colors, but now they’ve completely revised the venerable stoppers. The all-new eeBrake G4 is the fourth generation of the lightweight rim brakes. And they now come in at 80g per wheel for standard mount… a savings of about 3g per wheel compared to the prior version (Technically, Cane Creek says there’s no claimed weight savings between iterations, but we checked past specifications). Which is impressive not just because they were already class-leading light, but also because the plastic badging on them has been replace with metal, and they get wider.

2018 4th generation eeBrake 4G from cane creek

Functional refinements are the real focus, though, and include the ability to fit wider 700×28 tires. Anyone riding an older road bike that’s been pining for more modern tires will appreciate the increased capacity, as well as the upgrade to T25 brake shoe bolts.

eeBrake 4G lightweight rim brake for road bikes handles 28mm wide tires and are new for 2018

Other upgrades include a stronger spring to work better with full length cable housing, internal routing, or other convoluted designs. Their center adjustment has been tweaked for easier adjustments too, and the overall design is a bit more refined. Brakes are $325 each and are available now at dealers and on their website. Now, if only you could combine them with those sweet new titanium eeWings cranks



  1. So…how exactly is a T25 brake pad bolt an upgrade? I’ve worked on tons of bikes as a shop mechanic and never once have I had an issue with a 4/5 mm hex bolt. On the contrary, I have more issues with torx bolts.

    • technically torx bolts have more surface contact with the tool, so the bolt head can be shallower, and get the same grip… that being said, a lot of times they start using light/really soft materials with these things, so they end up being a wash, if not worse. i do agree with you, i personally hate T25

  2. Bike Rumors continue with titles disconnected from real facts (aka Spe and the most accurate power meter on the planet): why is this brake stronger? For the spring? Well this is not really a “stronger brake”.
    Now, interested in the new centerrijf system, the G3 was already an improvement, what is new on the g4?

    • First message didn’t go through. Agree that BR lack of partiality on their phrasing. As soon as they move away from facts it can be risible.
      Cmon BR, I get you need to stay nice with brands but don’t loose your credibility?
      EEbrakes are great (have 2 pairs) but I learnt nothing from those few lines.

  3. Dura Ace rim brakes don’t modulate well. My $50 Campagnolo Potenza brakes put my Dura Ace to shame in every aspect with same brake pads and same wheels.

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