One of our favorite tinkering madmen is at it again. Many of Colin Furze’s ideas could certainly be considered totally crazy, and this one is no different. This time it seems that Colin wondered, if bicycles are speced with shock absorbers, why not just make the whole bike frame a shock absorber?

Of course there are many reasons why this shouldn’t be done, but there is also one big reason why it should – youtube. Enjoy the madness.


  1. This is a fun experiment but it’s not a bicycle made out of springs as the title suggests. This is a bicycle made of metal tubes that were cut and removed to have three springs installed in the main triangle. Just saying….truth in reporting is helpful

  2. Where to begin. After seeing some of this his other contraptions, how is he still alive?

    Can’t believe he put his face that close to the cake-o-matic.

    The built in anti-bunny hop device is called 30 pounds of springs (or 30 pounds of anything).

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