Built on their already expensive OSPW pulley cage system for Shimano Dura-Ace 9100, the limited edition CeramicSpeed Victory OSPW edition nearly quadruples the price. But it subs in their 3D printed titanium wheels in a 13t/19t combo and gets a custom finish from ProBikeDesign’s Ron Jones. Each pearlescent finish is hand painted and unique, so yours won’t be exactly the same as anyone else’s.

CeramicSpeed Victory OSPW limited edition 3D printed titanium derailleur pulley wheels with custom painted carbon cage for shimano dura-ace

Want one? Only 25 are made, and four are already spoken for (three for pro athletes, one for their Tour de France contest winner). Retail is €1,700 / $1,950. Look for them on CeramicSpeed’s website and at these select bike shops: Wolfi’s Bike Shop (Dubai…of course), T3 Bicycle Gears Pte Ltd (Indonesia), Pro Bikes (Poland), Bike24 (Germany), Signature Cycles Greenwich (USA), City Bikes Miami (USA) and Palo Alto Bicycles (USA). They’re available for order now and ship on September 5, 2018. Each is numbered and delivered with a special box and cover.

Don’t need the special paint? You can still get the “standard” 3D Ti version for $1,700.



    • How about ANY BIKE EVER MADE as a joke. Because it is, no matter who you are. It’s a marketing device to fuel publicity for them and bring awareness to their company, and lower tier products. Racers use em for the same reason IPhones have a prominent Apple logo. Same reason the big three use 4 arm cranks now.

      • Ceramic Speed has been a joke for a long time now at least their bicycle division, not sure how their commercial division is perceived in the market.

      • Since I am not made of money, this product does not appeal to me… however, to counter your point just a little bit, it has been reported that quite a few racers from non-sponsored teams buy ceramic speed products with personal funds. I guess when you are at the pointy end of the peloton, every watt counts.

        • I’m one of those who bought with my own funds. The pulley bearings went to hell all too quickly, and the company never responded to my polite email.
          Never again.

            • IMO they weren’t any better at all than a NTN or other super high quality bearing. And remember it’s the bigger pulley that provides most of the claimed benefit, not the bearing. Having the chain links not bend as far, like they do on a smaller (regular size) pulley, is what saves a watt or so.

    • Is this a knock against capitalism? Nobody is forcing anyone to buy this and support this free market of high priced jockey wheels. It’ll succeed or fail on its own.

        • “late capitalism” is a made up term by people that don’t understand how human commerce works and associate the ills caused societies dropping norms and values to its commerce system. Ultimately done in a attempt to preface what they view as a better system, a highly state regulated commerce system. Ironically its a system that has just an amazing track record of failure, poverty, famine, etc…
          But this is really getting off the topic of bikes.

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