The all-new Ciamillo Lekki8 carbon fiber road brake calipers mark not only a fresh start for Ted, they also mark a new record for lightest complete road brake set. With a measured weight (on their scale) of just 144g with pads and all hardware for both brakes, the Lekki8 are crazy light. Claimed weight for the set without pads inserted is just 129g, with the front at 68g and rear at 61g.

What’s new is the move to a mostly carbon fiber body. Where his prior GSL brakes tipped the scales at just 155g with a machined aluminum framework, these new ones use carbon fiber plates on either side of a machined aluminum cam, held together with a mix of titanium, alloy and stainless steel hardware.

build the lightest road bike in the world with the new ciamillo lekki8 carbon fiber rim brakes
The brakes will be available in all black, or these with a red anodized center cam.

So what’s up with the name? After struggling as a one-man show for years and admittedly angering customers with long lead times or inability to deliver, he finally shut down U.S. operations and sold off the equipment. He also got married and moved to Poland, where he was able to reboot on a smaller scale and take advantage of a lower cost of living. Lekki is Polish for “light weight”, and these are the 8th generation of brake he’s designed.

worlds lightest road bike brake calipers are now the ciamillo lekki8 carbon fiber brakes


The design and function is similar to the GSL and Zero G brakes he’s made in the past, but with a few improvements. First, there’s a quick release to make wheel swaps faster. And the barrel adjuster is on a pivot, so it moves to stay in alignment with the housing and cable as you pull the brakes. That puts less friction on the cable, too, so they’ll feel smoother. The cam is supported by center bolt which helps make everything stiffer. Spring is redesigned and has 30% more power, so they’ll return more quickly.

The calipers are available in standard and long-reach versions. The long reach version takes advantage of this new modular design. The legs can be removed, and the long reach legs swapped in to buy you another 5mm of length (and 2g of weight). So, if your brake pads end up too close to the tire (or top of the rim), now you have an option. Both models will fit rims from 19-28mm wide, and clear tires up to 32mm.

ciamillo lekki8 are the lightest brake calipers in the world for weight weenie road bikes

The current versions use titanium hardware throughout most of it, with a ti stud centered in an alloy bolt head for the center bolt. The smaller bolts that hold the carbon plates together are steel, for now. Ted tells us he’ll be replacing those with ti version on the next batch to save another 4g.

Irish Cycles is distributing them for North America, and Ciamillo is handling European distribution in house for now. Ted told us they have 120+ sets in stock as of this post. Calipers are $539 for the set, with your choice of Shimano or Campagnolo style pad holders. Or get the long reach calipers for $559 a set.


  1. Soooo…these come out just in time to be superseded by EE? Why bother? Weenie-ism is far past cliche, so why not look at a different market? Average bike weights are already adequate. The real gains to be made now are in aerodynamics, laminate schedules, and road tubeless tire/rim designs.

    While these look ok, on a high end bike, Dura-Ace/Red/Record calipers won’t be what puts it above the weight limit.

    • I suspect if someone is ready to spend $540 for brake calipers, there is some motivation other than just performance. I suspect the target market is the kind of person that spends a lot building a bike that’s too light to race, hangs it on a scale and takes pictures of it for facebook, but doesn’t actually ride it ever.

      Because honestly, in terms of performance, just getting Ultegra or 105 brakes and spending the money you save on coaching would make you faster. But even though coaching makes more of a difference than equipment, most people would rather buy stuff.

    • Just today I spoke with Campagnolo USA about the fact that my 2019 Record Calipers will not clear a Michelin ProRace4 (25mm) on a Neutron rim…it scuff’s the tire BAD in the front and just rubs in the rear. My solution was to re-install my antiquated Record Skeleton calipers and there are no clearance issues what so ever. Odd….Campy guy basically inferred I was doing it wrong and I need a qualified mechanic to install them. I would upload some images…..but….

  2. the internet has become the soapbox of our day….only you get to hide behind a screen.
    If some one wants spend money on something thats their business and don’t judge.
    Brakes are beautiful and best of luck to you in this new venture always a fan and have owned many of your brakes in the past.
    Sean C

    • Sounds like you’re sour just as many people validate your purchases as don’t. The long-term durability of any brakes like these is questionable, regardless of how you feel about the validity of your personal experience.

      Working on bikes with BS boutique parts and the people that expect magic from them is terrible.

        • Your only including the people that actually received the brakes they paid for? Do yourself a favor and google this guys name. You’ll find countless posts about his shady nature

          • Man, that is so unfair and negatively-biased of you to give Ted the Smack-Down. This man is a genius who had others working in the network who did not do him justice, now you’re blaming him for his supply-chain mishaps? Do Ted and us all a favor, take a leap of faith, send him money for a brake caliper set and see if you don’t receive them when promised — I’m sure you’ll love the service. Take it from me, Ted is a very reputable individual and builds the best out there, period.

      • Ciamillo has a record of accepting payment for product and not delivering, or delivering months or in some cases -years- later, after constant hounding from customers. Google search “Ciamillo Weight Weenies”. Be very wary unless product is sitting in your hands as money is exchanged.

        • Indeed weightweenies had a lot of angry people from his US period. I also note that they apparently work in compensating people affected during their tough periods and now only work with physical stocks on hands.
          For the “dopper don’t get a free pass” that’s ridiculous since 99% get one…

  3. Still using Campy compatible pad holders? But not adopting the Campy spring clips?
    Still relying on special concave washers to be stacked, or is the arm surface finally flat so you can use any old washer to dial in pad distance? Or maybe eliminated the use of washers overall? That would be nice.
    What about pivot bushings? I hope you’re not pivoting straight on the arm material like you were originally. That would be pretty annoying.

    • Yes, still using Campy compatible holders but also have Shimano compatible available as well. Re the spherical washers – the new MicroCam adjusts for gap through 19-23mm rims so no more sphericals. Here is an explanation on how the MicroCam works for the Lekki8 –
      Re pivot bushings – the PV value is not high enough to justify it but on the Lekki8 the pivot surface is type III hardcoat anodize. I have reports frequently from customers who still have 2002 models in service on their daily ride who have no issues with wear so I think the hardcoat and the low PV makes it ok not to have a pivot bushing.

    • Yes, still using Campy but also offering Shimano. No more spherical washers – MicroCam takes care of gap adjustments from 19-28mm. More about how the MicroCam works on the INSTRUCTIONS page of my site. No Pivot bushing are required – PV is too low to justify. The new centerbolts are type III hardcoat and I have customers reporting 2002 Zero G models still in service.

  4. Bike rumor- it’s a shame that you won’t post negative comments about TC. He is not an honorable businessman and does not deserve any promotion. You guys know this. You even suggested as such in this write up.

  5. Nice work Ted. I’ve been very impressed with the performance of a set of your GSL’s both in power and modulation. Using Carbon as a weight saving stiffer way to keep the cam supported centrally is a great evolution, and as always your design attention to detail is first class

  6. So $559 minus the $279 I paid for a set of Micros which Ted failed to deliver to me means these will only cost me $280? I WAS a complete supporter having previously purchased two pairs of Zero Gs and one pair of Micros. Sadly I was added to the list of people Ted stole hundreds of dollars from by failing to deliver product when I ordered and paid in full for a second pair of Micros. Buyer beware, do your research.

        • Please, this guy screwed lots of people over. Shops included. We are still left with garbage that we can’t sell because it functions so poorly, we wouldn’t want a customer to ride on it.

        • Record11, do your research. I have ALL documentation of the purchase and two years worth of emails, patiently waiting to receive product that I paid for. Then TC stopped answering calls and emails. It is not a “claim” when there is supporting evidence. Too bad there’s no way to post it all here.

          • B, You’re not alone. He screwed me too. and @record11, I too still have all the documentation. He SAYS he will make it right, but never does.

  7. These brakes are not vapor ware. I own a pair and have been very pleased with not only the brakes themselves but Ted and Ewa’s excellent customer care and service. I have been able to log six or seven hundred miles on them and do not regret anything.
    While I get that there are plenty of those who may spend the big dollars to say I’ve got whatever, my motivation was to hit a certain target and these helped me do it. I ride over 10,000 miles every year and race as well so my bikes are not just hanging from scales.
    Thanks Ted, really nice brake set!

  8. Nice job making a super light brake even lighter. Hoping that Ciamillo will be able to assuage the disgruntled folks whole with updated/upgraded product with the move to Poland, especially the EU peeps, as that Weightweenies thread is brutal!

    On another note, what happened to that sweet custom post&beam facility in GA? I was pretty envious of that setup when I saw it, but it seems that it didn’t work out in the end. Also, what motivated the move to Poland? Is the new wife from there or something (No offense meant to those who have found love internationally)?

    • He left the country and defaulted on the mortgage a local bank. I think you can buy it for $300k or so, some acres and a concrete “lagoon” and plenty of spare parts left behind for a new owner to clean up.

  9. Ted Ciamillo is a crook. I paid for a set of brakes several years ago that never arrived. He said he’d refund my money and NEVER did. Unfortunately, he gave me the run around just long enough that American Express said the transaction was too old to dispute. Can’t believe you guys still give him press. Buyer Beware.

  10. Nice brakes! WouLd be a nice contribution to any ride. 🙂
    Road a set of the carbon Gravitas that was amazing a few years back.
    But I still wonder when I will get any compencation for the 699 USD I payed in advance for the Gravitas crankset that never came back in 2013.

  11. That brake looks awesome! Good to hear that Ted is back in the game again!
    I both have ridden early micros and a pair of Gravitas that were great.
    Still a bit grumpy though regarding the crankset that I back in december 2013 payed 699 USD in full and never got. A few years of monthly promises and nothing ever happened.
    So sadly my trust in Ted is a bit damaged..

  12. In the twilight of rim brakes who is sillier – someone who would make $500 rim aftermarket rim brakes or someone who would buy them?

    • Wow, casting stones! Twilight or not, as long as you are not being asked to pay for another persons equipment choices and understand their motivations then negative personal commentary is unwarranted. Though you may not agree, rim brakes will not likely be completely supplanted by discs any time soon. If I am not getting with the times and buying a new bike to get disc brakes that is my own choice. Admittedly discs are superior in stopping power but they are arguably ugly on a road bike, heavier, more complex and have their own set of quirks. They are simply not for everyone.

    • OR…you have an older bike you love to ride and like to have good kit on it. These are more than half the weight of the Dura Ace calipers they are replacing.

  13. Eh, I give Ted kudos for thinking outside the box, and stretching Bike tech into what looks to be a pretty trick caliper set. I had a set of the Zero G ti’s and sold them due to the weak spring return, I grew tired of using my brakes, and the caliper having a delay in returning the cable slack (kind of dicey when you’re trying to modulate a quick stop). I upgraded them to the micro cam, and this made an improvement, but, by the time I got used to them, I was fed up with their “performance”, and like most after attempting to reach out, communication was not a strong point. So, I changed to a different brand, I was left understanding that you had a rough patch due to a flurry of other underlying issues. I can’t honestly say that Ted isn’t genuine in his intentions to take care of people, and if possible at some point will give these a try…. With that said, Good Luck with this new design, I hope to someday try these out- At which point I’ll gladly give my review.

  14. The brakes are great I have about 1000km with some very very big descents. Also I was in that group that group Ted had delivery issues with and he resolved the issue.

    If you are worries about all the name calling and delivery issues get them from Irish Cycles as the article says… Joe at Irish Cycles has helped me out a few times is a good guy..


  15. These look a lot more promising that the old ones. Can’t wait to see some in person. Every company deserves a second chance. Always glad to see companies pushing the weight of products. Weight weenies rejoice!

  16. Hi everybody,
    I have a very, very long story still going on with Ted Ciamillo. He owes me about 800$ USD. I am giving him a last chance to solve the issues. Last time he answered my e-mail, 3 weeks ago, he told me he would send me something by mail for compensation, giving me a tracking number on the polish post website. With the tracking number on the website, I can’t track anything. I tried to e-mail him this evening but I can not reach him anymore by e-mail…

  17. Hi Everybody,
    I am happy to tell you that Ted Ciamillo compensated me, at least partially, for the 800$ he owes me. After waiting 4 weeks, a brand new pair of Lekki8 brakes arrived at my home today. They are awesome. I will contact him again to get the rest of my money and I will keep you updated with what happens next. Ted grabbed that last chance I gave him and was honest with me. I apologies for my last post Ted. I should have wait another week before posting my comment.

  18. Hi Everybody,
    I am very happy to tell you that Ted Ciamillo finally compensated me completely for the money he owed me. Our story was very long and started about 4 years ago with the Ciamillo Gravitas crank. I received this week the second pair of Lekki8 brakes he told me he would send me. Ted makes awesome bike parts and had troubles in the past. He is now back on track and we can trust him.

  19. He may have paid bike rumour for the press… I’m sure paid ad’s, (advertorial) disguised as editorials happen here all the time. Big platform filled with exactly the right audience

  20. BEWARE!!! Bought a set and after a couple months the brake arms cracked on all 4 pads!!! Installed properly with a torque wrench, couple thousand miles, 154lb rider. When I contacted Ted he was not surprised one bit. Said hes “seen a couple” and to send them back to get “fixed” that was in the first of March. Still no brakes! he has given me ship dates multiple times and, once, even said he shipped them “weeks ago”. He has been blaming COVID for the delay, according to facebook and weight weenies, several sets have been delivered since mine were sent back for failure… he is very hard to deal with and either dishonest or incredibly unprofessional and unorganized.

  21. Anyone has issue with shipment? Ordered mine and was shipped out 2 months ago with only 2 status on usps tracking “label created” then immediately after “released from custom”.

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