PRESS RELEASE: During the night of Monday, September 24th, a container full of 160 Rocky Mountain bicycles was broken into, and every single bike was stolen. The container was on the grounds of our warehouse in BC. The 160 bikes were all 2019 models, brand new, and would have been received into the warehouse and then sent out to our network of dealers in Canada based on their orders.

“We are very disappointed with this situation, and the impact that it has on our IBD network. We have dealers across Canada that were expecting to receive their order from us in the coming weeks.” Raymond Dutil, CEO of Rocky Mountain.

The full list of 160 bikes, complete with individual serial numbers, is available at this link. We are urging any dealers that come across any of these bikes with matching serial numbers (or serial numbers removed), to contact us at so that we can transmit the information to the Vancouver Police Department, who are handling the investigation.


  1. That sounds like a serious group of pro thieves, Fast and the Furious and Gone in 60 Seconds style. On a serious note I will be curious to see where these end up, as with 160 of them I am sure that some will get spotted. On a lighthearted note, maybe they can continue the F&F film franchise with bikes.

    • We’re talking about the bike industry here. More than likely the container was painted with their logo and they used a zip tie to secure it. In all seriousness though screw those thieves company is not only going to lose revenue from this production run but also some of their accounts as they’ll be delays in product deliveries.

      • I’d hope that no bike shop owner is that much of a d*ck to drop a brand because they had delayed delivery due to theft. I’m sure if Rocky did some shuffling and re-distribution of stock, the most any single shop would be missing would be 2-3 bikes.

        • When doing real business to make real money no one cares for excuses. No matter how good they are. Results are the only thing that counts. Of course cut RM some slack. But if they’re not running 2-3 shifts 7 days to fill those orders……well, they didn’t try hard enough.

    • All they had to do was leave the container on its chassis backed up to their dock or their building wall so the doors couldn’t be opened, assuming they weren’t weapons grade stupid and had a container on the ground as overflow storage.

      • Ever heard of a cutting torch? We had a sprinter bus cut open in Morzine once, lost 12 race bikes.

        They guys that do this kind of stuff are not generally bothered by the positioning of your alarmless container.

  2. Possible inside knowledge, this hit was pre planned.
    You’d have to be ready to move 160 bikes quickly which would take a moving type vehicle.
    Know the lay out, security measures and when to hit.
    Surprised there was no security camera footage, motion detectors..ect.
    If each bike averaged 3k retail that would amount to $480,000.00
    That’s a hard lesson to find out you need to beef up your lacking security.

  3. This is the last thing a company needs. Sure, they’re insured, but this puts them in tough spot with dealers and distributors. Here’s hoping the company and its employees aren’t irreparably hurt by this.

  4. Fatback got hit really hard about a month ago to. I cannot imagine the heart ache that would ensue, to go to work one morning and find this has happened to you. Bike industry is hard enough, brands and owners don’t need to be dealing with this nonsense. I hope whoever did this gets life in front of the firing squad.

  5. this happened to my bicycle shop King Cycles in Brandon FL. I came in on a Monday morning to a hole in my ceiling where thieves entered and deactivated my ADT alarm, then made a hole in the back wall of my shop to remove over $110,000 of Santa Cruz, Devinci and Scott bikes, along with 12 high end customer bikes here for service. Insurance found a way to not pay. I Had to sell my car and all my bikes to pay for the new bikes for all our customers. Then close the shop for 2yrs. to pay off the burglary with a construction job, hating every day of it. About 2 weeks ago I opened Cycle Therapy in Brandon, FL and am very happy to be back in the bike industry. After 2yrs of not having a shop and working every day to get it back I have a whole new look at the industry and my customers. I love this place, I love all my customers and am very thankful to be working in this industry and on bikes again.
    here is the link

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