Everyone loves the Bikerumor comments, but what if they could be better? What if they could better unite riders everywhere with the people behind the brands?

Well, they could. They can! And in this episode, we talk with Chad Moore of Mavic’s global marketing team about how they handle comments on their posts, why they respond (and why they might choose not to), and what we can all do to encourage more brands to join the conversation.

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Further reading: Check out these links for some of the things we mention in the episode:


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  1. Chris's House on

    Great podcast
    I have always had great experiences with Mavic wheels, had a set of crossrides, another set of basic alloy wheels {10 years ago} and to top it off I got married 3 years ago and my wife decorated an old rear bike wheel with some wedding flowers… XTR 9 speed hub + mavic 517 rim + fake flowers = pretty cool wall decoration

    Keep up the good work


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