If you’ve run out of places to optimize your aerodynamics, it’s time to look in some less obvious places. Like your wheel skewers. Which means you’re forgoing the disc-brakes-on-your-road-bike trends because they’re just not aero enough. Which is good, because the new TriRig Styx are bolt-in skewers for quick release, rim-brake bikes only.

TriRig says the set, which is made entirely of 6/4 titanium, weighs in at just 45g, saving around 100g or more from your current setup. And, it’ll save 3-4 watts of drag, too, according to their own CFD analysis.

TriRig styx are ultra lightweight titanium skewers for road bikes with aerodynamic shapes

ultra lightweight titanium skewers for road bikes with aerodynamic shapes

The design uses three separate parts: The axle, plus two independent end caps. This means there’s nothing twisting against your fork’s dropouts, which helps protect it from damage, especially lightweight carbon forks with full carbon dropouts. The small nubs keeps the end caps aligned and locked into position, too, so you can thread the axle into place firmly and securely.

Retail is $84.99 and the first batch is already sold out. More are on the way with expected delivery around mid July.



      • Aaron on

        I’m on the same pair of Control Tech ti skewers since 1999. They spent the first 10+ years on my mtb, now on my road bike. They’re excellent skewers.

  1. John on

    As PM732 mentioned. View speed has been putting out an aero skewers for years. Nothing new here just marketing propaganda,

  2. Matthew on

    It seems to me that the only folks who should be caring about 3-5W of incremental gains are racers. And racers are probably not so keen on having to wait for race support to use a hex wrench to take off their wheel if they have a flat. Just saying.

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      This is for Time Trialists and triathletes. Also the wheel car for everyone but true cat 1s or pros is really just to give you a wheel to ride back to the start with it’s very uncommon for even with a smooth wheel change for an amateur bike racer to get back on.


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