Thanks to the Zwift Academy, pro hopefuls continue to find ways to level up IRL. The premise is fairly simple – ride well enough in the virtual Zwift world and you’ll be selected to compete against others for a spot on the big stage. This time, Zwift has added a new in-game qualification format for their amateur triathlon team.

With enrollment open now, the program will kick off on November 11th and run until January 12th, 2020. The virtual portion will include rides, runs, group rides, and races. The cycling aspect will include six structured cycling workouts and one time trail. The running portion will be four structured running workouts and one race with 5k, 8k, or 10k options. After completing each portion of the program by January 12th, you’ll be part of the pool that will be eligible for the next step. Here, Zwift will choose the final six athletes in mid-February who will be supported as they attempt to qualify and race at Kona.

In 2019, the Zwift Academy Tri had a 100% success rate with all of their selected athletes qualifying for Kona. It sounds like those chosen will also be decked out in gear from Specialized, Wahoo, Roka, and Science in Sport. If you think you have what it takes, or just want a structured plan to get you through the winter, register at the link below.


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