Have you noticed that your Strava feed looks a little better lately? You can thank Strava’s recent partnership with Mapbox for those beautiful new static maps.

Strava x Mapbox upgrades your static maps to better display your ride

Instead of non-descript beige maps, your static maps now feature contour lines and shades of green and grey to match. According to strava, these are completely custom maps that were designed by the teams at Strava and Mapbox. The maps deliberately de-emphasize car oriented features to focus on what cyclists and runners find more important about their routes. While the new maps don’t appear to offer much in the way of additional functionality, they do provide a distinct look that gives your feed a fresh look.




  1. David on

    Strava should update the activity map before patting themselves on the back. How the feed thumbnails look is pretty minor considering any road added in over 2 years is missing from the activity map.

  2. CWG on

    Agreed with David. The thumbnail as I scroll through my feed looks much better. But as soon as I look at a map, explore segments, or do anything else I’m back to the basic map. Poor effort Strava, update all the maps and their data before you roll this out as being fantastic

  3. dan on

    Same here I saw the new thumbnail and started looking at the segments hoping it had updated there as well but nothing. Big fail by Strava on what seems to be a minor detail.

  4. David on

    I think what happened here was a bit of a PR misfire. The actual blog post written by Mapbox, then shared by Strava on Facebook and subsequently picked up by various sites. There are likely new maps coming, and Mapbox should have held off on tooting their own horn until that feature was actually live. And Strava never should have shared that article, in fact they should have asked Mapbox to take it down as it kind of makes Strava look stupid for introducing a new feature that at this point is simply a thumbnail image.


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