Just under four years since their purchase by 3T Cycling, THM Carbones is on the move again. This time, the light weight component specialist is being sold to another German house of carbon – Schmolke.

Schmolke Carbon acquires THM Carbones from 3T Cycling

After working with the brand to help grow their product line and increase sales, 3T is happily selling the brand to Schmolke to create a “full range supplier for carbon bicycle components “Made in Germany” at highest level quality.”

“THM has best knowledge in the RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process for almost 25 years. Together with our 28-years of experience in the prepreg vacuum process we will manufacture every new product using its best suitable process.” says Stefan Schmolke, founder of Schmolke Carbon. “I will only merge both development departments so that we can offer our new ideas faster to the demanding cyclist. Further I want THM to produce more MTB parts again.”

According to the press relase, THM Carbones and Schmolke Carbon will stay as separate entities with different staff for production, sales, and support.




  1. Hopefully Stefan has less of an appetite for proprietary specs than 3T.does.
    Case in point: Torno cranks made with the THM process. Incredible cranks flat-out ruined by a unique asymmetric spider spec.

        • Coming from the days of countless bb spindle lengths I’m going to take the unpopular position that adjustable chain lines cause more problems than they solve. Stuff is really, really good now, and it’s good right out the box. No time consuming fettling or mystic incantations needed.

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