The entire premise of Skratch Labs’ hydration formula was that you drink your hydration, eat your calories. But some athletes really don’t like eating on the bike. Food can get dropped, and it just takes a little longer to do, which is critical when you’re hammering rough terrain at the front of the pack. Now, they’ve found a way to combine fuel with fluid, and founder Allen Lim explains it all with Lego bricks.

They’ve also got new flavors for their standard hydration mix and energy chews, and he tells about those, too (with flair and drama). It’s awesome. Wait for it (or jump to 2:00), it only gets better from there, all the way to the end. Here we go…

Skratch Labs Sport Superfuel Drink Mix

prototype skratch labs superfuel sports nutrition drink mix for endurance athletes who do not want to eat on the bike

Early packaging above, and the final packaging for their new Super Fuel will look like this:

skratch labs super fuel drink mix for endurance athletes and long distance events to replace food

Available in an 8-serving pouch for $39.50 MSRP, it’ll launch May 19 with a Lemon Lime flavor (other flavors to follow), and only be available online initially. Each serving delivers 400 calories via 100g of Cluster Dextrin (TM), a highly-branched complex carbohydrate they say digests easily and steadily, like real food. For when all your effort is going into pedaling and there’s nothing left for chewing.

New flavors for Skratch Labs Hydration Mix, Energy Chews

strawberry lemonade skratch labs hydration mix sports drink

Their Hydration Mix now comes in a Strawberry Lemonade flavor, using real fruit to flavor it. Each bag retails for $19.50 and delivers 80 calories per scoop, 380mg sodium and 38mg potassium.

which skratch labs energy chew flavors have caffeine

The new Sour Cherry energy chews deliver 50mg of caffeine per packet, a big jump from the meager 6mg caffeine per pack of Matcha Green Tea & Lemon flavor. It also brings along 70 calories, 80mg sodium and 12g of sugar. Retail is $2.45 per pack, or $24.50 for a box of 10 packets.


  1. Rohan on

    Love their products, been using them for years. I always got sick from other sports drinks, far too sweet. Will have to give the chews a go and the sportsfood/drink mix.


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