Haven’t switched over to tubeless yet, but still like the idea of a sealant that could prevent a flat before it happens? Leave it to Muc-Off to come up with a sealant that is specifically designed for use only in an inner tube.

Muc-Off Inner Tube Sealant for No Puncture Hassle bottle

Promising to seal holes up to 4mm, No Puncture Hassle Inner Tube Sealant is water based and specifically designed for use in tubes.

Muc-Off Inner Tube Sealant for No Puncture Hassle installation

Note that it’s only compatible with inner tubes that have a removable presta or schrader valve core – which is important since it’s how you get the sealant inside the tube. The bottle includes an applicator hose that helps it get to the valve, where you squeeze in the recommended amount.

Muc-Off Inner Tube Sealant for No Puncture Hassle bottle

Depending on the tire size, you’ll need between 50 – 140ml of sealant for each tube, which means the 300ml bottle should more than cover at least one bike.


  • Puncture prevention for inner tubes
  • Suitable for MTB, road, eBikes, commuter, urban, folding & touring
  • Seals holes in tubes up to 4mm
  • Works on multiple punctures
  • Does not dry out
  • Lasts the life of the inner tube
  • Contains anti-corrosion inhibitors
  • Contains “cutting-edge” molecules to help seal holes quickly and effectively
  • Water-soluble
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Works in temperatures from -15°C to +50°C

Priced at $9.99, currently the sealant is available in EU/UK, but will be available in North America at the end of July. 



  1. Looks like pink “Slime” or the Finish Line stuff… I never had good luck with either brand sealing up holes in tubed or tubeless applications.

  2. I can’t stand tubeless even for mtb these sealants either don’t work because the punctures are too big or, when they do, shrink over time and you’re stuck replacing tire or tube anyway. What’s the deal w the industry shoving this down everyone’s throat?? Messy, over hyped and ultimately futile system. And how hard is it to patch a damn tube??! I hate cycling now.

    • Weird. Your inability to manage tubeless tires is not shared by any of the people I ride or train with. I haven’t had a ride interrupted by a tubeless failure for years. Maybe it’s you and not the tires?

      • I ride w tubes and have not had any rides interrupted either and mtb wise I run 25 lbs or so w tubes and no issues almost ever, not from pinch flats, cuts and thorns puncture tubes and tubeless equally and the sealant never fixes the tubeless or maybe 50/50 so eventually need tubes anyway. That’s my experience and I spent a good 4 years or so w tubeless mtb.

        • A decade ago at least one of the group would usually get a puncture on any given weekend MTB ride (Hobart, Australia – it’s rocky). I can’t even remember when the last time was we had to stop to fix a flat, it would be literally years ago.
          Sure,other factors also come into play- suspension has reduced rear pinch flats, running lower pressure also lets the tires deform around sticks that previously might have led to a puncture, and there are a lot more constructed tracks to ride now. But it’s laughable to suggest that going tubeless isn’t a major factor.

    • I don’t know how or where you ride but for advising against tubeless for mtb is completely nut. From time to time i’ve had to ride tubed setup in the last twenty years (renting, a bad front tire i did not want to bin etc…). From different place were i’ve ridden i get a puncture every 2 hours on average from thorn or this kind of stuff. Then there’s the pinch flat, to avoid it i have to go all up to 2 bar instead of 1.3, making the bike simply a mess to ride.
      For road riding tubeless is fine but certainly not the game changer it is for mtb. Simply because if you look where you put your tire, and don’t put ultralight useless tire, you’ll mostly won’t flat with regular tube. My stat on tube are about a flat every 10000km on racing tire (GP4000 GP5000). So yeah it add some hassle for a little peace of mind. For those that ride their bike once a week or less i think it’s not worth the hassle except maybe for some important race.

    • Weird. Just last week I felt a clicking in my tire. Got home (no meaningful air loss), found a large piece of wire stuck in my tire. Stupidly yanked it out, heard a bunch of hissing, quickly spun the wheel, some sealant squirted out and then it sealed. Topped off the air. Still holding pressure, good as new.
      This is the typical tubeless experience. If it was a much bigger hole, I’d have used a plug.

  3. Perhaps I’m blind, but I didn’t read anywhere whether this will work with latex inners or not?

    That being said, I only own road bikes and every time I flat, it’s usually something that even tubeless with sealant won’t fix (sidewall gash, nail through tyre, etc.) so I doubt this will help in my case. Might work for others, though.

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