At Specialized EWS Zermatt we caught up with 2019 Series Champion Isabeau Courdurier. A couple of days before racing got underway Isabeau was hanging out with her new team at the Lapierre Zipp Collective pit area. She kindly took time out to give us the low down on her new Lapierre Spicy FIT TEAM race bike that she runs in a mullet setup.

isabeau courdurier races wins stage 1 ews zermatt 2020 lapierre spicy mullet

Photo provided by @lapierrezippcollective and @maddogboris

Isabeau stands at 153cm tall, weighing in at 50kg. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about her bike setup for EWS Zermatt 2020.

Isabeau Courdurier Bike Check at EWS Zermatt 2020

Get the full video walk through from Isabeau above, and check out the complete build spec and more details and photos below…

lsabeau Courdurier’s Lapierre Spicy

isabeau courdurier bike check ews zermatt 2020

For the 2020 race season Isabeau is riding the FIT TEAM model of the Lapierre Spicy enduro bike. The bike can be run as a complete 29er or 27.5″, or as a mullet. A chip that sits just below the dropouts on the rear triangle allow the rider to switch between a 425mm chainstay length and a 435mm chainstay length. 

isabeau courdurier runs 27.5" rear wheel mullet setup lapierre spicy ews zermatt 2020

Isabeau Courdurier chooses to race the bike in the mullet setup, but keeps the chainstays long at 435mm. The small frame boasts 170mm of rear wheel travel, paired with a 170mm Rockshox ZEB fork.

The head angle is a conservative 64.5°. Reach is short a 416mm, and the seat tube measures in at 400mm. Isabeau runs a 125mm Rockshox Reverb dropper seat post.

isabeau courdurier runs carbon 35mm clamp renthal fatbar at ews zermatt 2020

In the cockpit, Isabeau runs a 35mm diameter carbon Renthal Fatbar, cut to 760mm. Relatively thin, 27mm diameter grips suit Isabeau’s small hands. On the left, the TwistLoc grip locks out the coil shock for climbing and transfer (aka liaison) sections.

isabeau courdurier's fabric line-s saddle ht t1 clipless pedals

As for the other contact points, Isabeau Courdurier opts for a Fabric LINE-S FLAT saddle and HT T1 pedals.

rockshox deluxe ultimate coil shock 275 lbs spring rate lapierre spicy fit team ews zermatt 2020

Isabeau’s Lapierre Spicy runs a Rockshox SUPER DELUXE Coil Ultimate shock with a 275 lbs spring rate to match her 50kg race weight. In the 38mm stanchion ZEB fork, Isabeau runs 41 PSI with two tokens.

isabeau courdurier runs new rockshox zeb ews zermatt 2020 with 41 psi 2 tokens

The bike rolls on a Zipp 3Zero Moto wheelset – 27.5″ out back and 29″ up front. Both wheels seat Hutchinson Griffus Racing Lab tires – 2.4″ on the rear and a wider 2.5″ on the front.

slicy smooth tire insert anti pinch flat protection

The Slicy SMOOTH anti-pinch flat tire insert. Image from Slicy-Products…not Isabeau’s wheel.

It’s Zermatt. So, like most racers, Isabeau Courdurier is running a tire insert in the rear for added protection against pinch flats. She runs the SMOOTH insert from Slicy-Products.

 52t eagle cassette upgrades chainring to larger 34t

This season, Isabeau Courdurier is running the new 52T Eagle Cassette from SRAM. The additional two teeth at the top end have allowed Isabeau to swap out her 32T chainring for the larger 34T. She runs a 165mm crankset with her SRAM AXS electronic shift drivetrain.

isabeau courdurier races sram code rsc brakes 200mm rotors front back ews zermatt 2020 bike check

Isabeau relies on SRAM Code RSC 4-piston brakes for stopping. She runs carbon levers on her bike with 200mm rotors on the front and rear.


    • r2 on

      Female pro racer: Wins 2019 EWS Series overall championship, returns in 2020 to take first place in first race by more than 22 seconds in awful conditions.

      Guy on internet: “sHe LooKs liKe sHe’s ON thE wRonG sIzE fRaMe” judging by a photo taken from a low perspective.

    • Cameron on

      I thought the same thing when I saw the image originally. I think it is just the camera angle. Obviously that size works for her!!

  1. nooner on

    If you guys ever have the chance to race in Europe,or attend the Eurobike show, (largest in the world…) you will quickly learn the Lapierre brand is Huge!
    Nice to see they have dumped thier past VPPish suspension designs in favor of a much higher performing simple 4 bar design.


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