It seems that for HED Cycling, 2020 is the year of the reset. Earlier this month, they announced a complete renaming of their gravel lineup and the addition of a new wheel.

Now, the rest of their lineup is also getting a refresh with a new naming structure along with a number of price reductions to make their wheels more competitive. Many of the wheels are also wrapped in new graphics which are all on display on the new HED website. Check out the press release below for more details.

HED wheels HED wheels HED Wheel new graphics rim brake

From HED:

Roseville, MN: On the heels of renaming our gravel line and introducing the Emporia GC3 Pro, HED Cycling Products is excited to share that it is completely reworking the names, graphic design and prices of wheels throughout our range of options. HED is also excited to share that these changes will be accessible through an all-new website, where wheels can be ordered and shipped direct-to-consumers worldwide. Check out the new website at

Moving forward, we will continue to use classic wheel names like the Vanquish, Jet, and Ardennes, but with updated classification after each name, following a simple formula:

“Wheel Line” + “Riding Genre” + “Material” + “Rim Depth/Size” = Wheel Name

With our top-of-the-line all-new gravel wheel, for example, which has the new “Emporia” title:

Emporia” + Gravel” + Carbon” +30 mm” = Emporia GC3 Pro

Additionally, where we used to use tags like “GP” and “LT” to differentiate between product tiers, we have simplified those tags, with our top wheel options in each category joining our “Pro” lines and more affordable options joining our “Performance” lines.

Pro level wheels have received a completely refreshed graphic design. Now, Pro wheels from the Vanquish RC Pro series and Jet RC Black series to the new Emporia GC3 Pro will feature all-black classic HED logos. Performance level wheels have also received a graphic update, now featuring a classic black HED logo with an “eclipse” outline.

Notable price reductions include:

  • Vanquish RC Performance Line: Now $1,600 per wheelset
  • Jet RC Black: Now starting at $1,500 per wheelset
  • Jet RC Performance: Now starting at $1,200 per wheelset
  • Ardennes RA Pro (Rim & Disc Brake): Now $750 $850 per wheelset
  • Ardennes RA Performance (Disc Brake): Now $550 per wheelset



  1. Matt on

    Brings things down to a pretty good price point now. Also, like the standardizing of the names as it makes it easier to figure out what is what.


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