So your little shredder has graduate from their Shotgun Seat, but they still need a little help on the hills? No worries, Shotgun has you covered there too. Just deploy their new MTB Tow Rope, loop it between the two bikes, and you’re off – with a bit of extra weight in tow.

MTB Tow Rope Shotgun details

MTB Tow Rope mount

In order to help your child up the hills, the Shotgun Tow Rope attaches to the saddle of the tow bike by looping around the nose. The rope itself is designed to be shock-absorbing so changes in speed from either rider won’t rip the little one off their bike. The rope starts out at 5.5′ and stretches to a maximum 10.8′. The Tow Rope is load rated to 500lbs, so it could even be used for the “big kids” (adults struggling on the climbs).

MTB Tow Rope on kids bike alternate mount for MTB Tow Rope

To attach it to the child’s bike, you have the option of simply using the stem loop over the bars and under the stem bolts, or you can loop it around the steerer tube below the stem and create a more secure attachment with the included caribiner.

You can pick up the Tow Rope on its own for $60…

kid's hip pack Or you can get it as a combo with this rad Hip Pack specifically designed for kids for $90. The pack conveniently fits the Tow Rope when not in use so you can make allow them to carry their own Tow Rope.

MTB Tow Rope hip pack

The hip pack is also available separately if they don’t need a tow for $40. Featuring animal characters from their Shred til Bed kid’s book, the pack fits waists from 15 to 43″ and has dual pockets with waterproof zippers.

Both are available for pre-order now with delivery expected in January, with free shipping over $39.



  1. nooner on

    This thing looks hella dangerous.
    What if that rubber band snaps and wacks Jr. in the face?
    However, i do like that sweet bumbag.

  2. eBikesRwhack on

    I ride with a 1″ tubular webbing strap looped over the nose of my saddle. It rests flat, I can barely feel it. Loop closes with a plastic buckle. Repeat on the other end around the kids headtube. A little team work and communication and its a super cheap fix for getting kids uphill without fuss

  3. thesteve4761 on

    Or you can buy the original TowWhee version for $20 less.

    I use this to tow my 5yr old regularly on road and trail. Good communication is key, but otherwise it is a great ride extender. I can’t see spending the extra $$ on this version when the only real difference is the inclusion of a caribiner and short loop of rope, both of which are likely kicking around most folks garage anyhow…

    And no, you don’t notice the webbing under your ass when riding.


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