Carbon fiber tire levers? Why? Because it all adds up. And because they could.

The new Affinity Cycles Premium Carbon Fiber Tire Lever set is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, but also with really good design. Conceived in house, they’re designed by Aaron Panone of AARN, who’s done work for Geekhouse, Royal H Cycles, Independent Fabrication, and more.

affiinity cycles carbon fiber tire levers being used to remove a road bike tire

As one would expect, they say it’s lighter than the competition. So, yes, you’ll save a few grams from your saddle pack or jersey pocket.

Oh. Wait.

You need more reasons to get them?

OK, how about this: They’re made of Unidirectional and 3K woven carbon fiber.

affiinity cycles carbon fiber tire levers for bike tires

More? Seriously?

They’re made in Brooklyn, USA. And, as of now, they’re being made to order in small batches, with plans to ramp up production eventually.

Affinity Cycles says they’re safe for carbon and alloy rims, and super strong and stiff thanks to their beveled, 3D design. We have a set in for testing and will verify all that shortly.

Retail is $25 per pair, available now through their website.

Did I mention that they are Carbon. Fiber. Tire levers?!?


  1. Miclaroc on

    My plastic Pedros have always seemed softer than my carbon and alu rims which made me think they were safe as they’d break before the rim. Worried about these in that respect but cool design.

    • Jimbo on

      Nope. Carbon shards tearing your hand apart while your bikes out of service. Nope nope nope.

      Love the pic though. That single finger and thumb style of using a tyre lever dreamworld cycling

      • Whateverbikes on

        Not only that, but these tyre levers mis the all important hook at the bottom end, to hook it behind a spoke. I don’t mind people making or buying it, but I mind people acting like these are any good. They’re not.

      • bobrayner on

        10 years ago, people said that carbon fibre frames would splinter; can’t trust them, stick to metal frames.

        25 years ago, people said that aheadsets were dangerous; exposed bolts would shred your groin in an accident, safer to stick to quill stems.

        You wouldn’t believe the horrifying things that people said about rim-brakes in the spoon-brake era.

        Now it’s 2020 and you worry about a carbon fibre tyre lever “tearing your hand apart”? Have you seen many hands torn apart by exploding tyre levers?

  2. King County on

    I am gonna wait until either nylon coated carbon levers, or steel core carbon covered levers are released. I don’t want to buy these Affinity’s and get one-upped, regardless if these are good or not.`

  3. Crash Bandicoot on

    Artisanally made carbon fiber tire levers…made in Brooklyn? This has to be April 1st. I’ll stick with Pedros, seems like they have perfected the tire lever and for a few dollars. I’ve never not been able to get a tire off with just one and have only snapped a lever twice both times the levers were several years old and were my “house”levers that were extremely worn and I was using them to remount very tight tubeless tires on Mavic rims.

  4. Nic VeloAdventuresCardiff on

    There’s lovely…but there’s no notch for clipping onto a spoke whilst the try to get the other leaver under the bead…form over function ‍♂️

  5. Tony on

    I prefer my own design of lead tire levers. They’re malleable, and are great for weight training. I can PR down my driveway and to the coffee shop whenever I take them out of my flat kit.

  6. esc8engn on

    this design appears to be fairly functional to me-. i like the idea of a stiff and durable tire lever. i personally don’t care so much about weight as a fifteen year veteran of bike service. and i sure as shit don’t give an ra about a spoke holder on the far end. the grip ergo/comfort does look a little sub par tho. (Pedro’s being the bar.) I look forward to a long term review with both field and shop experience. who is this really for??? besides carbon nerds.

    • Damo on

      Long-term review? Twenty minutes mounting and removing five or six tyres from five or six differing rims would surely provide the average tyre lever’s worth of data.

    • James Terry on

      I’m actually trying these levers out at the moment and agree with what you wrote. And yes, the ergo/comfort is a bit uncomfortable, especially for all day use….


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