The Sea Otter Classic will not be held in May, 2021 as originally hoped. Honestly, that comes as little surprise. With the COVID pandemic still raging, and U.S. vaccination rates well short of the promised target for the end of 2020, many people are still postponing any travel plans in the new year. But even for those that wouldn’t have to hop on a plane to attend, “recent discussions with health and permitting officials” have led to the event’s organizers determining that they wouldn’t be able to host the event they had hoped in the spring.

Sea Otter classic 2021 rescheduled for october 7-10

So, rather than cancel the event, it’s once again been rescheduled. This time for October 7-10. Just like what should have happened in the fall of 2019, if all goes according to plan, we’ll likely be looking at a very busy fall event calendar.

Short of a miracle, we’ll see a number of events typically held in the first half of the year attempt to reschedule for the fall. Already, the start of October now includes Outerbike Moab from the 1-3rd, and the Trek CX Cup which overlaps the new Sea Otter dates on the 8-10th. Taichung Bike Week is also scheduled for Sept. 28 – Oct. 1st, with CABDA West following on Oct. 12-13th.

Throw in other event and races that are likely to be rescheduled, and we’ll probably end up with constantly competing schedules. We can hope, anyway.


  1. KGR on

    Any news about whether there will be a Virtual Sea Otter again? It was nice having access to Sea Otter after a fashion without the expense and vacation time involved in booking a stay in Monterey.


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