Finnish company Trailander have developed a mountain bike trail groomer for maintaining trails in snowy conditions. Pulled along by a snow mobile, this steel frame contraption smooths over the surface of the snow, reinstating the route of snow-buried trails, or creating entirely new ones. If you’re an avid fat biker, you may want to petition your local trail association to invest in one of these bad boys…

Trailander Trail Groomer for snowy MTB trails

trailander bike route plane trail groomer

The Trailander Bike Route Plane was developed in Seinäjoki, Finland, a place where a fat bike is surely a must-have in any committed off-road rider’s stable. This snow groomer was created to overcome the trail riding challenges presented by several feet of snow.

trailander bike route plane smooths snow covered mountain bike trails for fat biking

The Trailander Trail Groomer features rounded edges to neatly finish the edges of tracks

Trailander say the groomer can be used to maintain berms, create angles and to straighten out the trail. Height and angle adjustments of the Groomer can be made on-the-fly, with the option of using a rake and V-plow to help to deal with different types of ice and snow.

trailander trail groomer fat biking track clearance

The plough is 2.9m long and 1.1m wide and clears an 80cm wide section of trail as it is dragged along. It is made of a Docol steel frame and comes with two replaceable blades. Rubber shock absorbers damp the connection between the Groomer and snow mobile. 

Pricing & Availability

Get in touch with Trailander directly for info on pricing and availability.

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