Looking to bring your bikes and a rooftop tent? But can’t or won’t use a hitch-mounted rack for your two-wheeled fun machines? The new Roofnest Sparrow Adventure rooftop tent is designed for cyclists, allowing you to carry two bicycles atop its shell and sleep 2-3 people. But that’s not all…

The Sparrow flies for any adventure

roofnest sparrow adventure rooftop tent with bike trays on a pickup truck

With integrated cross bars, you can add your choice of wheel trays to carry up to two bikes. Max weight is 100lbs when closed, and drops to 40lbs when opened…so, maybe take your bikes off before you setup camp.

The Sparrow Adventure rooftop cross bars work for compatible mounts, though. Add a snowboard, SUP, kayak, or whatever other mount you want and bring any of the toys.

roofnest sparrow adventure rooftop tent with bike trays shown closed with gear bin

What makes this more unique and capable is the in-molded gear bin. The rear of the shell is recessed to create a cubby, and an included storage bag fits neatly into it. Got wet or dirty gear? Throw it up top and keep it out of your car.

Roofnest Sparrow Adventure specs & pricing

roofnest sparrow adventure rooftop tent interior

The Sparrow Adventure comes in two sizes, regular and XL, giving you room for up to three people. The shell is a waterproof poly/cotton blend with zippered doors on three sides.

Here’s the details:

SLEEPS: 2 / XL 2-3
WEIGHT: 130lbs / XL 150lbs
INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 84″L x 48″W or XL 84″ x 55″
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 85″L x 50″W or XL 85″ x 56″
MSRP: $3,295 / $3,495
CONSTRUCTION: Fiberglass-reinforced ASA/ABS

roofnest sparrow adventure rooftop tent with bike trays shown with tent open

All tents come with a 3″ thick foam mattress with removable cover and anti-condensation mat, plus an 8.5′ ladder, crossbars and towers, anti-condensation mat, detachable pocket, 4’x4′ ground mat, waterproof storage bag, and integrated interior LED light. Price includes free delivery anywhere in the continental U.S. Available now directly from Roofnest.


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  1. Jeff on

    that pic of the tent on the truck perfectly demonstrates the usefulness of a trucked that small. instead of the bikes being in there they are in the most awkward place possible, on the roof of the roof tent. So why again did you buy that small of a truck?

  2. silverlining on

    A tacoma fits in my smaller garage and still carries all our gear to the mountains.
    A carolina squat bro dozer doesn’t. Thankfully.

  3. Passang Maher on

    I have 2014Toyota 4 Runner which came with cross bar. Does anyone know if my current crossbar can withhold the weight the Roof Nest Adventure XL or do I need to get different crossbar ?


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