Apidura today opened a pop-up photo exhibition by renowned photographer Camille McMillan. Titled ‘Un-Lost‘, the show documents the Transcontinental Race, and will find its way to a series of temporary galleries in 13 countries from now until mid February. Along the way exclusive signed prints will be available to buy in-store, plus the full catalogue on offer from the show’s site.

Un Lost, photographing inside the Transcontinental Race

The exhibition takes its name from a pre-race pep talk given by the event’s late founder, Mike Hall, expressing its self-supported nature. “If you get lost, you’ll need to get un-lost.”

Camille has followed the riders for three years and captured the feeling of being out on the road, mostly alone, as riders navigate unfamiliar and vast expanses in Europe. Even in the age of GPS devices and live tracking, the duration, mental battles & sleep deprivation of ultra-endurance racing still results in riders having to fight to keep from losing themselves along the way.

Camille spoke of being in an exhibition “called ‘Lost’ over twenty years ago… It was still possible to get physically lost, and it could happen accidentally. Now we have to choose to get lost”. Camille said he himself would lose track of where he was, as he was chasing cyclists from their live-tracking to document the journey, “but if I am taking a photo of it, I am forced to get to know it, and if I’ve got to know a place, then am I really lost?”

The result is an interesting & desolate perspective inside the ultra-endurance race. Limited edition color and black & white prints from the show are available and come numbered and with a certificate of authenticity. Plus, an even smaller number of signed Artist’s Proofs will also be available through the limited duration show and through Apidura retailers.

Have a look at the exhibition’s website to find the partner pop-up galleries in Europe, North America, Asia & Australia, or to order a print directly.

Un-Lost.com & Apidura.com


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