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DJI Osmo Action camera and Pocket gimbal cam get huge price cuts; new models coming?

dji osmo action camera on sale
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If you were looking for a deal on a premium action camera, DJI’s Osmo Action has knocked $110 off its original price. And the gimbal-equipped DJI Osmo Pocket is $70 off. Both deals have been running for a couple months now, suggesting they’re permanent price cuts meant to move inventory before a new model drops.

Are new DJI Osmo Action cameras coming?

DJI Osmo Pocket miniature gimbal with 4K action cam

Hard to say. DJI’s model updates don’t occur with the same predictable consistency as GoPro or Apple.

The original Mavic Air launched in January 2018, and the new Mavic Air 2 just launched at the end of April 2020. The Osmo Pocket came out in November 2018, and the Osmo Action in May 2019.

At the time, both upped the ante on GoPro’s then-current offering. The Action still offers something the Hero 8 doesn’t with their built-in full-color front screen, and otherwise matches it nearly feature for feature, including 240fps ultra slow motion at 1080p.

But the Osmo Action is out of stock on DJI’s website, which combined with discounted pricing is usually a sign that something new is on the way.

Price cuts on DJI Osmo Action & Osmo Pocket

dji osmo action camera on sale with huge discount on extra battery bundles

Should you still buy one? The Osmo Action’s features are amazing and include highlights like voice control, “Rock Steady” digital image stabilization, easily swapped lens filters, and very affordable extra batteries. So, yeah, even if there is a new model coming, we’d say it’s a great way to get a top shelf camera for a steal.

Originally going for $369, it’s on sale now for $259 on Amazon, and if you look through the listings carefully, you’ll find this deal that includes their dual battery + charging kit ($69 value) included free. It uses the same two-prong mounting system as GoPro, so any compatible accessory and mount will work with it.

DJI Osmo Pocket 4k action camera with built-in 3-axis gimbal for perfectly stabilized footage

The DJI Osmo Pocket originally sold for $369 and is now $299. If you’re routinely doing handheld shots, this one’s a little easier to shove in a jersey pocket and use while riding for some interesting angles. It can track your face, too, making it great for vlogging, and pairs with a phone to show you what it’s recording in real time.


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