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Freakonomics: Want to Know How To Make Your City More Bicycle Friendly? Ask a Woman

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In recent years, replacing your car with a Schwinn has become a popular idea for reducing your carbon footprint. However, not everyone has rushed to their local bike store: fewer than 2 percent of the population relies on bikes for transportation. Women have been particularly slow adapters. New research on the subject suggests that increasing the number of cyclists in a given city can be as simple as asking women what they want. One expert says: “If you want to know if an urban environment supports cycling, you can forget about all the detailed ‘bikeability indexes’ — just measure the proportion of cyclists who are female.”

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13 years ago

that’s it? gee, it’s great when someone posits a question, hints at an answer but doesn’t follwo through with the how or why of the answer. guess that’s an article for another day.

el dude
el dude
13 years ago

********MARKETING ALERT*************

Do we all want more people of both sexes riding bicycles? YES


I’m terribly sick of this kind of “news story”. This isn’t about biking at all, it’s about making a point about women. Yet again we have an example of a piece that’s made to show
women as the victim of something and the only way that we can suddenly, “find all the best and most important answers” is to ask a woman her opinion.

The problem with this sort of puff piece is that it creates the illusion of superiority of a woman’s opinion over a man’s opinion, which is ridiculous. How about we ask MEN and WOMEN
in FILL-IN-THE-BLANK community and see how they might want to change it or make it better. I guarantee you the guys have an idea or two about how to make it better as well.

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