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There were plenty of wearables at this year’s Interbike, and some stood out more than others – literally. Louis Garneau presented their new Reclaim the Road line, a high-vis collection made to make you safer without looking like a “Fred”.  Diadora also had a couple of new kicks in the lineup and Biemme showed off a new chamois to reduce chaffing. Also Save our Soles developed custom clothing through their new Tru-kits brand.

Put on your shades and skip past the break to see all the shiny new clothes and gear!

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Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau brought some really nice looking high-vis items to the show this year. The new Course RTR helmet contains MIPS technology for a low price of $99. Their Jerseys have plenty of “invisible” reflective material built in so at night your regular looking jersey lights up (the white sections in the last 2 photos looked like normal jersey material until I used a flash).


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Diadora has a few new offerings starting with the X-Vortex Racer II. They added kevlar rear and front toe protection to keep the shoe protected while remaining light. The tread is a single injection that is mixed in, so to speak, with the bonded sole to be as durable as possible. The X-Vortex Racer II has just a bit of flexibility in the toe box to aid in off the bike walking and retails for $219.


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The new Moviestar Team Edition of the Vortex Pro II will be available in November. It has a super ventilated carbon sole and uses the easily adjustable Boa 2.0 retention system. The Vortex IIs retail for $379.

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Biemme brought some innovative items to the show this year with their Seamless jersey that has absolutely no seams anywhere in the body and offers 4 levels of compression. Their new one piece bibs are also seamless and have their new ceramic Lycra pad that absorbs moisture as well as reduces friction by separating the portion touching the skin and the portion touching the seat and allowing them to slide on each other rather than your skin. The jersey retails for $149 and the bibs are $179.

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Save Our Soles presented a new brand of custom kits with Tru-Kits. They’re nice looking kits that will come in 3 levels of performance. The Pro Corsa will be the top level kit offering bonded seams, flat seamless bib straps with mesh, and a carbon infused chamois. The Pro Corsa jersey will retail for $180, and $190 for the bibs. The Sport Corsa will be similar but without the seamless straps and bonded seams. The Sport Corsa jersey will retail for $140 and the bibs will be $150. The Club Corsa will be the entry level kit with jerseys running $110 and bibs $120.


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