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Forget Roof Top Tents, the New Hitch-Home Duo+ is an Inflatable Tent You Can Deploy Anywhere

Hitch-Home Duo Kickstarter hero(Photo/U-Rang)
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Not convinced on the benefits of a roof top tent? Perhaps you’d like to check out the newest hitch mounted tent, the Hitch-Home Duo+. Similar to the Thule Outset, the Hitch-Home Duo+ is carried on your vehicle’s hitch, then deploys at the campsite leaving the vehicle free to roam. Unlike the Thule Outset, this tent is inflatable with an air mattress built right in.

U-Rang is a company that was born out of the “inconveniences of traditional camping”. Taking ideas from rooftop tents, camping trailers, and standard tents, they developed the Hitch-Home Duo+, what they’re calling a first in the hitch-type air tent.

The Hitch-Home Duo+ combines camping adventures with quick detachable convenience. It only has a 3-minute setup, and no ladder is needed to access the wide sleeping area.

Fully funded in 5 hours, check out their Kickstarter here.

No Rooftop Tent

Release yourself from the constraints of rooftop tents (RTTs) to indulge in easy, comfortable camping with the Hitch-Home air tent. It attaches to your vehicle’s hitch, is lightweight and easy to transport. The tent lives in a box that mounts to the hitch, and then folds down to meet the ground. There are also wheels so you can roll it around to a more desireable location.

Hitch-Home is a sturdy air tent that springs to life in just 3 minutes, just attach the pump and inflate. Once you are finished setting camp, the Hitch-Home will be fully inflated.

No More Ladder

With the Hitch-Home Duo+ being so close to the ground, there is no need for a ladder to access the sleeping space. No more middle-of-the-night climb down to handle nature’s call. The Hitch-Home Duo+ is easier to access.

Wider than a 2-person RTT

Hitch-Home Duo Kickstarter sleeping diagram

The Hitch-Home Duo+ claims to offer 22% wider interior space than a standard 2-person RTT. Right out of the box, the Hitch-Home can comfortably sleep 2 to 3 campers (though the third is shown as a small child).

Built-in Air Mattress

Hitch-Home Duo Kickstarter bed diagram

Sporting a built-in air mattress, the Hitch-Home is easily inflatable making it instantly comfortable. The bed is reinforced with sturdy aluminum panels at the base. The air mattress also provides support, guaranteeing a secure and stable foundation for a restful night. There is also adjustable leg support of 5.9″ making it adaptable on rugged terrain.

Hitch-Home Duo+ Specifications

Hitch-Home Duo+ tent sizes

Backer Rewards

Included with the Kickstarter Special: Tent body, Roof Fly, Trailer plug cable, Hitch-mount bracket, Ridge pole (top, front), Height adjustable up-right pole, String, and stakes.

Early Bird Pricing (limited to 30): $1,590 (reg. $3,560)

Kickstarter Special: $1,770 (reg $3,560)


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27 days ago

I’m surprised it’s taken so long for someone to do this. I’ve seen a handful of rooftop tents mounted to hitches with homemade levelers. I’m definitely more interested in this than a rooftop tent with having a bigger dog but the inflatable mattress is a no go for that same reason

26 days ago

I don’t get it. Why not just pitch a regular tent on the ground. It could even be a stretcher tent if that’s your desire. This is so heavy and expensive in comparison and comes with basically no advantages.

24 days ago
Reply to  Jay

The advantage would be you could leave pretty quickly. But ya, I’m with you when you consider the price per person.

25 days ago

Ohhhhhh, I get it. It’s like a roof top tent that you just set up on the ground. I can’t believe no one thought of this already! I can already see the next evolution coming, one where you don’t have to plug it in to inflate it, like you can use some sort of rods to hold the tent together.

24 days ago

In order to fit in the tent, do you have to be a man-rabbit couple?

24 days ago

For not a whole lot more than the MSRP for this tent, one can buy a small used travel trailer that is self contained. The roof top tents are even more money.

19 days ago

Reading this on April 2nd, I really thought it was a joke.

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