PedalBrain iPhone / iPod App – Train, Sync and Race Your Friends in Real Time


PedalBrain is a new iPhone / iPod app and hardware that provides a complete training partner.  The carbon fiber base houses an ANT+ receiver to pull data from compatible speed, cadence, heart rate and power meters, then displays it on screen.

You can upload workouts before the ride and have the complete timing and information for each part of your training exercise instantly.  Then, once you’re done, your workout and route info is automatically uploaded for friends, training partners and coaches to see (if you let them).

The real piece de resistance?  You can set up Team Integration and the program will use the iPhone’s GPS and GeoLocation to see where your fellow riders are and show you where your teammates are on the map!

All of the information is uploaded in realtime, too, so your coach or friends can watch online as you ride and see where you are at any given point.  Post ride, the info uploads and you can view it on PedalBrain’s website or share it via Facebook.  You can also download it in SRM and WKO+ formats for integration into other workout programs.  Pedal Brain is a member of the ANT+ alliance and is fully compatible with ANT+ cycling sensors such as SRM, PowerTap, Quarq, MetriGear & Garmin.

More pics, info and pricing after the break…


PedalBrain is still finalizing the costs and details, but here are the basics.  The mount will be available in both Plastic ($130 to $200, actual price TBD) and Carbon Fiber versions (shown, $TBD).  The mount is designed to fit over the steerer tube above the stem, and a spacer adapter will be available for those who need extra room either because they’ve topped the tube off or their stem has too much rise.  It’s designed to work with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.  Availability is pegged for early Spring 2010.


Various screen options will provide access to all the data you need during and after the ride.  The same workout data is available for viewing on your phone as online.  Thankfully, it uses Google Maps and not a proprietary or MSN / Mapquest map. Bleh.


The app software is free, and there are free trial versions that will store your data for up to 7 days.  More advanced options with unlimited ride data storage and better access to information (including coaching) are available for a monthly subscription fee.  Prices are TBD, and the full online portion will be live about a month after the hardware hits store shelves.

Coaches will be able to upload their workouts and sell them online through PedalBrain, and riders will pay a flat $4 / month fee to access the coaching plans plus whatever the actual coach charges for his/her plan.

The real world fandom applications for this are immense.  Can you imagine Lance Armstrong and the rest of Team RadioShack having these on board during their races?  How freakin’ cool would it be to watch your favorite pros on the course in real time on the ‘puter while watching VS or NBC on the big screen?

Thanks to Gary for the tip!

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12 years ago

I’m sure why someone would buy this over the Garmin 500.

12 years ago

Are they going to offer an iPhone rain cape?

12 years ago

Unfortunately, this will be almost useless unless it has an auxiliary battery built into the mount. iPhone life with the screen on, active with GPS running is less than two hours from my experience. I used the Everytrail app with the screen OFF and can barely get a 3 hour ride without killing the battery.

12 years ago

Okay, battery life may be an issue but come on…anything that makes SRM actually entertain the thought of becoming a 21 century company with 21st century products makes me happy.
I’m tired of those guys charging $3500 for a device that is still way behind in interface/ease and especially price! I wish they would fold and someone from apple would purchase them and actually make it a hi tech company with reasonably priced power meters.

12 years ago

Quarq makes an ANT+ power unit that is also reasonably priced. That mated with this or a Garmin 500 is by far the way to go….