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Whether you’re a retailer looking for display options for massive tires or simply a consumer who wants to store their fat bike on the ground, Superstand has a new option. Willworx is known for making simple, durable rear wheel stands that now fit many different sized wheels and tires. Given that their Superstand Extreme topped out at 3″ it was only a matter of time before they got into the fat bike game…

super stand fat bike compatibility (3)

super stand fat bike compatibility (4) super stand fat bike compatibility (1)

Seeing that fat bike tires alone have a drastic range of sizes, the Fat Rack is adjustable to fit between 3.8 and 5″ tires. The wheel supports can be positioned in three different positions which will allow a max tire size of 4.25″, 4.75″, or 5″. If not using the company’s Connector accessory to attach multiple racks together, Willworx recommends filling the base tubes with sand to give the rack extra weight to corral the monster bikes. Available now, each stand sells for $59.99.

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6 years ago

Does anyone know if this stand is freezer safe? My Trek dealer told me that I have to store my Farley in conditions under 32 degrees Fahrenheit because it’s made of ‘winter grade aluminum’. I’m having a walk in freezer installed in my garage, and think this will be perfect for it!