Not ready to release your little on onto the mean streets? That doesn’t mean they can’t get some saddle time in the air conditioned comfort of your own home. The new Strider Rocker bolts onto their 12″ Strider bike for hours of fun. The low to the ground design helps keep them stable (enhanced lateral stiffness?). Retail is $79.99, available now. Detail pic below…


All images from Strider Bikes.

Now, if only they could hold your iPhone with their messy little paws while they rock, they’d entertain themselves for hours. Or until your battery dies.


  1. RAB Share on

    How on earth do they justify charging as much for that plastic board as they do for the bike itself? Neither the engineering nor production of this thing is any more complicated than my son’s $20 sit-n-spin. What a joke.

  2. David on

    Overpriced, yes. Do I still want one for my 4 month old, yes? Can I wait until she is old enough to ride in a pull behind and also start learning on something like this, NO!

  3. Tman on

    You also have to look at the cost spread over 2,3,4,5 kids. Families around here get use out of them for several kids/friends kids etc. I have seen 1st Gen Striders still going strong after 10 years and multiple groms.

  4. asmallsol on

    I thought that was cool until I saw the price. Its the exact same price as the actual bike. Its injected molded plastic. Costs a few bucks to make, and a few more to ship. WTF Mate?

  5. Tardzinger on

    Id like to see anyone of you, design, manufacture, advertise, meet USA child safety standards and then bring to market this item, sell if for less than $70 and make a profit. Stuff is expensive to make, especially in smaller quantities. Can you make your own? Sure! but first of all you’ve now been given the idea and second how much is your time worth? it’s going to take more than an hour to go to the store and the assemble something like this, I think in this world of discount everything its easy to forget what the real cost of things are.

    • Tman on

      Exactly! @Tardzinger When we brought the first Striders into the country, us like EVERY company had to have separate certification that the grips and other vinyl and rubber parts did not contain BPA due to California Regulations. Think about it, one States overzealous laws make EVERY manufacturer jump through hoops and add un-needed costs to their products. If your toddler is chewing on the seat, I think you may have bigger issues.

  6. cycles on

    I don’t really think that developing and standardization of that plastic stuff is much difficult than balance bike creation. Cost of Strider Rocker is almost same as balance bike cost (i am talking about Classic model).


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