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Sweet, Sweet Justice for a Bike Theft Victim in NYC

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The following is excerpted from Whatever…Whenever:

Today is one of my proudest days as a New Yorker.

My bike got stolen last night and goddamn if I didn’t have it back before noon today, thanks to a curious but powerful mixture of internet savvy, a responsive police force, and one very special “Law and Order” fan.

Last night I went to meet Maura at the Arcade Fire/Spoon show at Madison Square Garden, so I biked to the Marcy JMZ subway stop and locked my bike there, and then took the train into the city. Then I went to the show which was awesome. Spoon was awesome. Arcade Fire was awesome. It was a truly inspirational musical event of both delicate and epic proportions. We had some drinks. I got on the train around 1 AM and it took me an hour to get home but I was so thrilled by the show I didn’t even care that much. I got off the train, still feeling pretty jaunty, and when I went to get my bike it was gone.

I didn’t cry but I jutted my lower lip out the entire way home. It was a genuine sad face. I tried to stop the sad face but I could not. I really love my yellow bike, and it is summer and riding your bike is the best, and also it is my main form of transportation around town. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to afford a new one, and seriously, I was super bummed. It is a material object, yes, and it can be replaced, but it’s MY BIKE AND I LOVE IT.

I sad-faced myself to sleep.

Read the rest of the story here, which provides some great ideas on how to retrieve your own bike should it be illicitly borrowed.

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13 years ago

It’s a fun story and all, but I think the salient detail we’re all missing is how the bike came to be stolen in the first place. Considering that it was boosted by junkies, it couldn’t have been too well locked. In which case, this whole neatly wrapped production was completely avoidable.

13 years ago

Great story. Another thing I like to do is roll up a piece of paper with my name on it, and stuff it in the handlebars or down the seat tube. I’ve never had the good fortune to use it, but I dream of the day…

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