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VeloPro Goes Above the Data to Create Real-Time, User-Specific Training Programs

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With more and more people joining the “numbers” game in the cycling community, it’s to be expected that more and more programs will emerge to cater to them. While a lot of these programs are based simply on tracking mileage, measuring cadence, and calculating average speed, a few companies are expanding upon this concept and upping the ante with features such as sharing data via social media or even combining the concept with that of a training plan.

VeloPro has recently announced its new training system that aims to combine your ride data with a personalized training plan that takes into account your lifestyle. Instead of simply displaying your heart rate and average speed, VeloPro uses this data combined with factors such as your motivation that day or the business end of your schedule to calculate future goals and an overall training plan specific to you. Log into their site and you’ll see data visualization and dynamic calendars along with graphics showing your actual progress and predicted progress.


VeloPro is the brainchild of competitive cyclist and training coach Adnan Kadir and cyclist friend Robert Vizza. They are based in Portland. VeloPro LLC is live now, available on a subscription basis starting at just $24/year for the base level. The real meat of the system starts with a $34/month deal, though, and goes up from there. Either way, you can check out a 14-day trial for free.

PRESS RELEASE: VeloPro Launches Dynamic Training System -Next-Generation Load-Based Endurance Training For Cyclists Goes Live

Portland, OR September 30, 2014 — VeloPro LLC has launched the world’s first dynamic training system for cyclists. The advanced, subscription-based software allows users to input their training data and have load-based training plans built just for them. If users perform above or below the prescribed load, the system dynamically adjusts future workouts and loads to keep them on track.

VeloPro leverages the latest human endurance performance modeling science to predict users’ power output while offering a full suite of performance analysis options. The system’s unique ability to dynamically adjust to user input is at the heart of the offering. “There are plenty of static training plans on the market, but these don’t account for normal life things like work schedules, kids, or illness, which often cause missed workouts,” says VeloPro co-founder Adnan Kadir. “Our system is for the real world. Because it adapts to users’ schedules and uses measured training loads, it can predict performance and prescribe the optimal load to improve athletic performance.”

The company plans to release a suite of extended services in the coming months, including a framework through which coaches can manage multiple athletes and an innovative social connection facility that unites athletes through training rather than separating them through competition. VeloPro currently offer three subscription levels, and the system can be tried free for 14 days at www.velopro.bike.

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9 years ago

Major Black Friday sale for Velopro only 24/year, but I’m sure that’s a typo….

9 years ago

So – this appears to use the TrainingPeaks metrics of NP/TSS/CTL/ATL (I read “normalized power” on their website)? Can you confirm?

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