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Yuba Debuts All-New V3 Mundo Cargo Bike

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yuba-v3-mundo-cargo-bicycleYuba Bicycles released its all-new V3 Mundo Cargo Bike last week, with numerous upgrades and usability improvements, making this already beloved bike a true tool for mobility, fitness, and community. Stylish, tough, and highly customizeable, the V3 Mundo stands at the ready for all sorts of missions. The new 21-speed drivetrain and the impressive weight savings — 9 pounds lighter than the original V1 Mundo — mean more riders can enjoy a true cargo bike, in more terrains, with no sacrifice in the Mundo’s legendary stiff ride quality.

With a max payload of 440 lbs, the Mundo is still the heavyweight of the longwheelbase cargo bike world. Riders have raved about the predictability and surefootedness of the frame, which become all the more apparent when the bike is loaded down. The 48-spoke tandem-strength rear wheel with its new cartridge bearing hub and oversized axle, is a big part of why the Mundo feels so stable when hauling loads.

The chassis-style loading system has evolved, with welded strap guides, ensuring your straps won’t slip from road vibration. The Mundo is now easier to customize to your unique cargo applications. Threaded braze-on points positioned throughout the cargo rack allow customers and businesses to integrate specific cargo racks, signage, tools, etc. Yuba’s huge and water-resistant GoGetter Bag is a great way to carry smaller and softer loads like food.

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For many people a Mundo is the “most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden”. The long wheelbase makes handling easy and predictable, and puts road shock further from the spine of the rider. The Mundo’s upright riding position gives the visibility riders need to steer, signal, and pedal effectively through t raffic. The rider’s weight is evenly distributed between the drive wheel and the steering wheel, making quick accelerations and maneuvers safe and decisive. All this comfort, safety, and control gives riders a chance to relax, breathe, and begin to integrate physical fitness with everyday tasks: dropping the kids off to school, picking up supplies for the home, and doing deliveries for a small business.

Famil ies will appreciate that the new Mundo’s rack accomodates up to two standard child seats. Yuba’s new Peanut Shell is the simplest choice, as the mounting hardware have been chosen to match the rack.

Bigger kids can sit directly on Yuba’s top deck, and rest their feet on the bags or the Side Loaders. The Mundo’s new customization points make it easy to add full-length running boards to the Side Loaders for a stylish and secure footrest. And as the kids grow up, they’ll be able to ride the same bike mom and dad used to drop them at school. The Mundo’s low standover height and long seatpost accomodate riders from around 5′ to 6’3″, and the adjustable stem can be positioned to give the desired room in the front.

Yuba's Peanut Shell childseat installed on the rear rack. There's still room for picnic supplies or a second child seat.

For mixed terrain, the Mundo now comes stock with a 21-speed drivetrain, including Shimano Acera front and rear derailleurs, Shimano shifters, and lightweight forged alloy cranks. For those in wet climates, the stock fenders and disc brake tabs will enable them to get the best performance in the rain. The standard V-brakes have gotten many positive reviews from Mundo customers.

  • The welded and reinforced rear rack offers chassis style loading for rigid objects like equipment cases. Previous generations of Mundos had a bolt-on rear rack.
  • 36-spoke front and 48-spoke rear wheels with sealed bearing hubs mean fewer popped spokes and a stable ride when carrying passengers and heavy cargo.
  • 4 strap guides keep straps from slipping, and 24 threaded customization points make it easy to mount running boards, locking equipment cases, custom equipment racks, and Mundo accessories.

Bike shops and home mechanics who assemble the new Mundo will love the simpl icity of assembly. The all-welded cargo system and full-size carton means the build is now well under an hour, with most key parts (derailleurs, brakes, cranks) installed at the factory and in need of only minor tuning. The V3 Mundo 21 Speed starts at $1099, and includes fenders and a sturdy side kickstand. Most customers will add the $109 GoGetter bag, and a $16 pair of cam straps. A cargo-strength center-stand will be available in early 2010.

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14 years ago

Way cool, and I’m amazed they can do it at that pricepoint. The frame seems way stout and looks like it’ll handle just like my Xtracycle. The only thing I have to question is the rear brake – I think a mechanical disc would have been a better call – especially when you add the 440lb payload rating + 300lbs of rider and bike and you’re well over 700lbs on a cheap v-brake – that’s a lot to ask. At least they had the foresight to put a disc tab on the frame – hope that rear hub is disc-ready. V-brake on the front is probably a good call – don’t want to lock up the front with all that weight following in the back end – something would have to give! Sweet – super practical. I think this extended wheelbase platform thing is just getting started – we’ll see a lot of these on the road in the near future. I still get gawkers everytime I’m out on my xtra, but it’s not the only one in town anymore – they’re slowly catching on.

14 years ago

I like it.

14 years ago

I’m just about to buy a V2 in red with 21 gears- I’ll need the gears, as I have inclines of 1 in 8 to negotiate on my way to work every day. I’m fitting my own V brakes, Avid Arch Rival 50s, as I know they will be better than the factory standard from experience.

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