Zycle has been making a standalone indoor training bike and wheel-on smart trainer for a bit, but their latest ZDrive Direct Drive smart trainer brings a few interesting options to the market.

For starters, it has a massive 1800W max resistance, +/-2.5% power accuracy, and can simulate up to a 20º incline on your virtual worlds. Combine that with a quiet magnetic design and compact footprint, and it’s off to a good start.

zycle z-drive smart trainer with highest resistance wattage

We also like the nearly-centered carrying handle, and adjustable height feet means it’ll work with wheel sizes from 26″ to 29er, which easily covers any road or gravel bike setup you’re putting on here.

external power supply for zycle z-drive smart cycling trainer

What sets it apart is the direct USB connectivity, letting you run a hard line straight to your router or computer without a dongle. So, if you’re prepping for the Zwift world championships or just need to ensure your Sufferfest workout isn’t compromised by a poor wireless signal, this makes it easy and requires nothing more than a long-enough cable. It also has built-in ANT+ and Bluetooth FTMS.

The other really cool feature is the optional external ZPower battery pack. They say the trainer draws half as much power as typical smart trainers, and their compact ZPower pack can run it for hours and hours of training without needing to plug into the wall. This makes it great for pre-race warmups in a parking lot.

It comes with a standard QR skewer fitment, 11sp Shimano freehub body, and some axle adapters to fit 9mm, 12mm and Boost axles. It’s compatible with Zwift, BKool, Rouvy, TrainerRoad, KinoMap, The Sufferfest, and more. MSRP TBA.


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