NAHBS 2010 – Confession: Totally weak reporting on Caletti Cycle’s bikes, but good pics.  This blue fixed gear had one of the more trick paint jobs with an airbrushed stencil cityscape across the head-, top- and seat tubes, plus a nice bent seat tube to bring the rear wheel up close.

John Caletti is a small builder out of Santa Cruz, CA, that gives a portion of sales to groups working to save the environment through 1% for the Planet, along with supporting IMBA and MBoSC (Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz).

Check out more great pics after the break…






Caletti’s road and cyclocross frames use S-bend seatstays to take a little edge off the ride.


Roller lets you run top- or bottom pull derailleurs while keeping the cable runs on the top of the top tube and out of the way for ‘cross bikes.


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