We’ve seen hacks of SRAM shifters to control droppers, a hydraulic shifter-style lever from Novyparts, and even teased shots of a similar lever from Fox for their own posts. But now the designers at Bike Yoke say they’ve developed a trigger-style remote that can control dropper posts from a number of manufacturers, as well as for the Shapeshifter of Canyon’s dual-personality enduro Strive. The Triggy takes the place of a front derailleur shifter, so in this age of 1x trail riding drivetrains it should help clean up a lot of riders’ cockpits…


The Triggy remote was co-developed with another German company, Reverse Components, so you can get one from either when it becomes available in just over a month. It is a designed to replace the vertical ‘button-style’ remotes that tend to have less favorable ergonomics, and are often positioned in places vulnerable to crash damage. This all aluminum takes the place of that front shifter you ditched a couple of seasons back and uses that trigger shift ergonomics that has been tried and true on modern mountain bikes.

Bike Yoke and Reverse have been testing these remotes for more than a year and have come to a good list of mechanically actuated droppers that are compatible, including:
• KS (Kindshock) (LEV, LEV Integra, Supernatural, …)
• Race Face Turbine
• 9Point8 Fall Line
• Easton Haven
• Specialized Command Post
• X-Fusion Hilo
• Thomson
• plus the Canyon Strive: Shapeshifter

Bike-Yoke_Triggy_alternative-shifter-trigger-style-remote-dropper-post-controller_i-spec-B Bike-Yoke_Triggy_alternative-shifter-trigger-style-remote-dropper-post-controller_i-spec-II Bike-Yoke_Triggy_alternative-shifter-trigger-style-remote-dropper-post-controller_band-clamp

The Triggy is designed to bolt straight up to SRAM Matchmaker mounts, but also can grab onto Shimano I-Spec B & I-Spec II brakes with separate adapters. You can also get a regular band clamp mount separately if you use other brakes or want even more positioning flexibility.

The Triggy includes an inline barrel adjuster to dial in your tension, and will be available in black ano in July for a retail price of 60€ with VAT for EU customers and 50€ for non-EU customers. Either way shipping is included in that price, as is a new remote wire to set up the controller with your existing housing. Pre orders are being taken now, and the Triggy will be available from Bike Yoke’s webshop or through regular Reverse dealers.


  1. How it can run both types, with the wire end barrel on the lever or the wire end barrel on the post? My Thomson use the wire end barrel and there are just maybe three levers compatible and this lever say that’s compatible with both systems?

  2. @ Fabricio:
    Thomson Elite dropper-post uses the barrel end of the shift cable on the remote side, just as the other posts, mentioned in the article.
    A version for the barrel of the cable installed on the post end will follow, soon. This version then will be compatible to Fox Transfer, Giant Switch SL, and similar…

  3. my Thomson Covert has the barrel end on the post, not the lever. I dislike the thomson dropper and would love to get something like this, are there any out there?

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