This week we saw the highlights from Philly Bike Expo, all recapped in a special section below, featuring work by legends like Bilenky, Winter, Bishop and more. Another legend in the industry had his bike showcased with our first impressions of the new Ritchey Outback.

Fast forward to modern day, and gravel is all the rage. The new Ibis Hakka MX puts forth a strong showing spec-wise, and backs that up with impressive performance, too. The Santa Cruz Bronson just wrapped up its four-season review with Zach and also impressed. While we’re on mountain bikes, this week’s Suspension Tech post covered the differences between High and Low speed compression and why they make your rides better.

In industry news, we visited Kenda’s new American Tech Center and posted a mega walk-thru, showing off how they’re testing all of their new high end tires right here in the USA on a massive new test track. It’s a long one, but a great weekend read! Elsewhere, IMBA has softened its stance on e-MTBs, saying where they’re allowed, we should all work together for the common goal of increased trail access for all types of mountain bikers.

That’s some of the best, here’s all the rest!

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