As the battle heats up for who has the most capable indoor training machine, Tacx is attacking on all fronts. No matter what you’re looking for, whether that’s a cycling treadmill, smart bike, or a direct mount smart trainer, Tacx has you covered. Now the brand is updating their top end direct mount trainer with the Neo 2 Smart.

Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer adds pedal stroke analysis & updates for best ride yet Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer adds pedal stroke analysis & updates for best ride yet

From the outside, the Tacx Neo 2 doesn’t stray far from the original’s design. It still features fold down legs and a direct drive design which saves your tires and offers a quieter training experience. Now though, the trainer includes adapters for 142 x 12 and 148 x 12 axles so you can train on whatever bike you prefer – even Boosted mountain bikes.

The trainer is also said to be even quieter with a new chip that helps it be smoother and more responsive with the resistance control.

Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer adds pedal stroke analysis & updates for best ride yet

Additional improvements include an improved cadence sensor, left/right power data, and with that – the addition of left/right pedal stroke analysis. There’s even more memory so that features can be added in the future.

Priced at $1,399, the trainer is available in Europe now, and will be available here in the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the world in Mid-December.


  1. Tom on

    don’t know how you can do a real pedal stroke analysis without pedal based strain gauges. Without those, the best you can do is some sort of algorithm which takes into account both legs simultaneously. Which is not the same thing.

  2. MaxG. on

    The improved cadence sensor is a much needed improvement though.
    But you got to wonder how hard it is to put on a magnet to get it to work flawless?!
    As it is Tacx has the cadence smoothed out really hard in the software after it fluctuated wildly the first years.

    • Pete on

      I never got my cadence to work right. I’m using an external sensor on my neo. Great trainer even with the cadence issues, wouldn’t want anything else.

  3. KB on

    Doesn’t look like they made any improvements to the adapter situation for bikes with 12mm axles. Still sticking to “their one size, fits some” solution. The competition has got them beaten on that front. How hard would it be to redesign the Neo for som regular 12mm compatibility?


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