For long rides, I like music. Or podcasts. But I hate having wires pull at my neck or ears anytime I turn my head. The upside to wires, though, is that should an earbud fall out, it won’t get lost on the side of the road or trail. Wireless options provide freer range of motion, but at the risk of getting easily lost…if not on the trail, then in a duffel, under a car seat, etc. And that’s one of the areas where the AxumGear Sprint wireless earbuds shine: They won’t fall out.

axumgear sprint wireless earbud review for cyclists runners and crossfit athletes

The kit comes with three different ear hooks and six different tips, letting you customize the fit to your ears. Once done, they held in place over hours and hours of rough terrain. My longest ride with them was the True Grit Epic, which covered highly technical, rocky singletrack and slickrock in the Utah desert.

These are extremely comfortable, too. Possibly due to the ultralight weight (they’re just a few grams each), they’re some of the only earbuds I’ve tried that don’t cause discomfort after 45 minutes or more. And because there are no cords connecting them and they sit almost flush inside the ear, they don’t get caught on helmet straps or displace sunglass arms.

axumgear sprint wireless earbud review for cyclists runners and crossfit athletes

Official battery life claims are 3 hours per charge, which is plenty for most rides and workouts. And the case itself is a battery pack that will recharg them up to 6 times before you need to recharge the case. This makes it easy to keep them topped off for a week’s worth of workouts and rides.

Inside are coated, sweat-proof electronics and a large 8mm driver that delivers surprisingly good bass for such a small set. They have an integrated mic, too, which was also surprisingly good at picking up my voice even when walking through an airport.

axumgear sprint wireless earbud review for cyclists runners and crossfit athletes

They’re setup so that the left earbud is the master and the right is a follower, so you pair them together first, then pair the left bud to your phone. Which is fine for most athletes, but for cyclists it’d be better if that were reversed. Here’s why: On the trail, I’ll ride with both in (don’t worry, it’s at low volume so I can hear other trail users).

On the road, though, I ride only with the right ear in so I can hear traffic coming. To do this, I have to put the left earbud in my right jersey pocket so it’s close enough to the right earbud to maintain a connection. They spec a 10m range, but that seems to be only from phone to left earbud. Even with the left bud in my right jersey pocket, if I looked left, the connection could get spotty. And I’d have to worry about the power/control button getting mashed on the left bud while it was in my pocket. Usually, it all worked just fine, but would still be better if the right were the master so I could just take that one bud with me on road rides.

are Axum Gear true wireless earbuds worth the money

What else would I improve about them?

As good as they are, there are a couple things that could make them better. First, when looking upward, the audio tends to get muffled because of the way the tips change position in the ear canal. Fortunately, in a normal riding position, the audio is clear, but I noticed that if I tilted to look way up or just stretch my neck, the sound would almost mute. Similarly, if something is covering them (like a beanie in the winter), sound drops dramatically. I get the sense that the drivers need room to breathe to produce good sound. See also my prior comment about making the right ear the master.

For charging, it sometimes takes a little finagling to get the left driver to seat properly in the case and charge. This could be because I have a very early (possibly pre-production) test unit, though. My only other complaint is the light. During use, they blink bright red every couple seconds. During the day, that’s fine. Even during night riding, it’s no big deal. But in a dark room or on an airplane? It’s extremely distracting for me (and I’m sure for everyone around me, too…it’s very bright). It’d be great if there were a way to turn that off.

All that said, I still recommend them highly…I use mine all the time.

are axum gear sprints the best wireless earbuds for athletes

Pricing and competition

I first started testing the AxumGear Sprint wireless earbuds right when they came out, around which time I noticed a lot of similar systems pop up online. As happens. Knockoffs are quick to copy an idea. I haven’t tested any of those, so I can’t speak to them, but I can say that I’ve also noticed that knockoff brands tend to sell for too-good-to-be-true prices, and often times are not much of a real brand with a real website. Having burned through plenty of cheap products trying to get a deal in the past, I’ve learned that often times, you get what you pay for. The Sprints aren’t cheap, but they’ve been mostly flawless for an entire year of use (and sweat). Retail is $189, but use this link (promo code “FIRST7GO”*) to get 7% off your order.


  1. Having to have both on me is a deal breaker at that price. Amazon knock-offs will catch up soon enough for $50 or less anyways.

  2. I don’t think its smart or safe to ride with earbuds. I’ve had way too many close calls on road and trail with oblivious riders too busy rocking out to Miley Cyrus or whatever and not paying attention.

    If you like music fine but listen to it at home on or the trainer…not on public roads or trails.

    #Rantover 🙂

  3. Before this spirals out of control with comments by all the nannies, I’ve found the Airpods to be nearly ideal for road cycling like how Tyler describes. I only use the right earbud but did buy an accessory clip that wraps around the outside of my ear. Suckers are too expensive to have one get blown out! I’ve used some other Bluetooth earbuds in the past and have found them to cut out when I turn my head left. This is with my phone in back, right jersey pocket. The Airpods seemingly have a strong enough signal that I can keep phone in center pocket which is far better.
    Drawback is that there aren’t any buttons. Can’t pause. Just double-tap to skip forward one song. No volume control either.

    • Weird, that’s exactly how I feel too. I also bought the hook pieces that go on the airpods to secure them better and have had no issue with them falling out or interfering with my helmet or sunglasses but I have the same complaint about the volume and other controls. The simplicity of use is great and should you lose one of them you can buy a single replacement which is nice.

    • There are more options for controlling the AirPods with taps. You just have to into the bluetooth settings on your iPhone while they are connected. Then just hit the little “i” behind where it says “connected”. It will allow you to assign a double tap command to the left one and to the right one. You can pick between: Siri, play/pause, next track, previous track, and off.

  4. The Bragis do all that and are waterproof (well, IP8, but I have already had them on in the pool for entire practices, aka more than an hour), my only problem with that is that, either way, I don’t listen to music while doing sports or while I am interacting with traffic in any way. But the Bragis also have a transparency feature that pipes sound through. My only gripe with them (at least their first model, The Dash, is that their bluetooth connectivity loses against my 25$ Anker bluetooth in-ears. Which is sort of a big deal, because if I can’t move my head, watching NFL games on a big screen with the in-ears to not disturb my housemates is a very interruptive experience.

  5. Buyer Beware: I purchased a pair if Axumgear based on this review. I received them, unpacked them, charged them and tested them at home and realized that it did not have all the functionality I desired. Other than that the Axumgear ear buds work as described in the review. Here is my experience with Axumgear “30-day money back guarantee”:

    On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 04:55 AM

    I would like to take advantage of your 30-day money back guarantee and return my AXUM Gear earbuds. Would you please provide me a customer service phone number so I can talk with someone to discuss the return process?



    On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 09:11 AM

    Hi Jim,

    At this time we do not work via phone. We will be happy to assist you via message.

    Can you provide us with more details on what is not working with your Axum? Maybe we can assist.


    On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 05:30 PM


    Thanks for your reply. There is nothing not working with the Axum. When purchasing them I did not realize that the Axum does not provide a means to control volume themselves and that one has to use the volume control on their phone or ipod. This is a deal breaker for me as I use my earbuds primarily for cycling and my ipod is in the back pocket of my jersey and therefore is not easily accessible for adjusting the volume.



    On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 1:31 AM

    Hi Jim,

    We are sorry to hear that you don’t like your Axum. Please note that we can only accept in return for a refund items that are unopened and unused. In addition we cannot accept in return for a refund items that were purchased with discounted prices.

    Thanks for your understanding.


    On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 1:31 AM


    Well, this is disappointing. Your conditions of “unopened” and “unused” make it impossible for anyone to take advantage of your stated “30-day money back guarantee”. Also all sales of your product today are at some level of discount. None the conditions you list in your e:mail are listed on your website as requirements for a refund. This seems disingenuous and unprofessional to me. Can you provide me a example of how a customer could take advantage of your stated “30-day money back guarantee”?



  6. It took an incredibly long time for me to get mine, since they lost my order and then I had to get that squared away…….twice. Then I got them and the right earbud doesn’t work. You would think it would be an easy return, but with no phone number, and the chat box always says “be back tomorrow”, the emails are or are not looked at, but takes forever to get a reply…………if they spent even 5% of the effort they do making videos and such trying to take care of a customer I am sure I wouldn’t be writing this.

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